Compressor temperature is of the utmost importance; whether you have air-cooled or water-cooled equipment, regular check-ups of the quality of cooling water, and cleanliness of the heat exchangers allows us to keep the whole system running at proper efficiency.

Some of the issues faced with high compressor temperature are:

  • Breakdown of the oil, which results in the varnish of the whole system.
  • Cooler inefficiency, which can cause air compressor breakdown.
  • Contamination of the filters, separators, and control system
  • The most expensive of all is the wearing of the bearings on the airend, which is the heart of the compressor.

In low external temperature conditions, compressors could also face a number of problems including:

  • Poor oil circulation due to high oil viscosity.
  • Freezing of controls and water cooled systems.
  • Lack of oil circulation, which could destroy the air-ends on startup.
  • Poor reaction time of the electrical circuits and components.

One of the most crucial parts in ensuring the health of a compressor is having a preventative maintenance program. We suggest PMs should be carried out every quarter. We start the first quarter at Christmas time, the second PM to be carried out in March where we prepare the unit for summer, the third PM for July and the fourth in September, preparing the unit for Winter.

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