Save On Energy Retrofit Projects

Save On Energy Retrofit Projects

When you participate in the Save On Energy Retrofit Program, you can receive up to 50% of project costs for installing or upgrading to energy-efficient equipment. With CRU AIR + GAS’s experienced team, however, you’ll also gain the added peace of mind that your retrofit project will address future operational needs, while meeting all funding and project timeline requirements.

Benefits of a Save On Energy Compressed Air Retrofit Project include:

  • Receiving incentives up to 50% of project costs
  • Receiving incentives of $800/kW or $0.10/kWh of first year energy savings
  • PLUS, benefiting from reduced maintenance costs thanks to upgraded systems


Available incentives include the following upgrades:

  • Compressor upgrades
  • Intelligent Master Control Systems
  • Tank installations
  • No air loss drains
  • Variable speed drive installations
  • Blower and vacuum pump upgrades
  • Piping upgrades
  • Conversion from water cooled to air cooled compressors
  • Zero purge desiccant dryer upgrades
  • Refrigerated air dryer upgrades
  • Oil mist eliminator upgrades


A CRU AIR + GAS led Save On Energy Retrofit Project is always planned, budgeted and delivered based on a customer’s unique facility setup and business requirements. To learn more about the Save On Energy Retrofit program and how CRU AIR + GAS’s execution expertise can benefit your company, please CONTACT US.


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