Save On Energy Funded Audits

Save On Energy Funded Audits

With a comprehensive Save On Energy Audit by CRU AIR + GAS’s Certified Energy Management Expert (CEM/CEA/AIRMASTER+), your company can gain valuable insights into your current compressed air system’s efficiency and how to intelligently manage air demand for the future. Qualified companies can also have their compressed air audit subsidized by 50% (up to $5,000) as part of Save On Energy’s Building Systems Audit incentives program.

Benefits of a Save On Energy Audit include:

  • Receiving 50% of the cost of your energy audit
  • Building owner incentives available up to $25,000
  • Tenant incentives available up to $7,500
  • PLUS, identifying energy savings with real impact on operating costs


A CRU AIR + GAS led Save On Energy Audit is always planned and delivered based on a customer’s unique facility setup and operational requirements. To learn more about the Save On Energy program and how CRU AIR + GAS’s audit expertise can benefit your company, please CONTACT US.

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