Preventative Maintenance (PM)

Our GOOD Program:

Preventive Maintenance (PM) is the foundation from which you can build your compressed air system’s reliability from the moment your system is commissioned. PM can be tied to the number of hours your system runs, or it can be scheduled based on predetermined intervals throughout the year. PM typically includes the consumable parts that are in your compressor, like:

 Oil Separator
 Oil Filter
 Air Filter

PM adds reliability by regularly servicing consumable parts integral to your compressor’s operation. These parts have a limited operating life and must be replaced periodically based on your compressor’s running hours.

Our good program is highly recommended for the following reasons:

 You run more than 4,120 hrs a year.
 You are looking to budget your maintenance costs over a calendar year.

You are ok with supplementary recommendations based on the PM visit findings and can act on them within your existing maintenance budget

Our Preventative Maintenance Brands

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