Preventative Maintenance (PM)

At CRU AIR + GAS, we believe in the value of a well-oiled machine. Just as a car needs oil changed and tires rotated regularly, your air compressor also needs preventive maintenance. From the day your compressed air system is set up, regular checks and timely replacements are essential for long-term efficiency and reliability.

Air Compressor Preventive Maintenance: The Cornerstone of Efficiency

Compressed Air System Preventive Maintenance is like an annual health checkup for your compressor system. It can be scheduled based on the number of running hours or at fixed intervals throughout the year, depending on your requirements and the specific features of your equipment.

The Crucial Components

The core of compressor preventive maintenance lies in the consumable parts of your compressor. These are the continually used components, and, like any workhorse, they wear out with time and need replacement. The key parts typically include:

Oil Separator Maintenance: The Clean Air Champion

The oil separator plays a crucial role in keeping your compressed air clean. It separates the oil from the compressed air, ensuring the air used in your processes is pure and free from contaminants. Regular maintenance of the oil separator extends its life, guarantees cleaner air, and helps prevent operational problems in the long run.

Oil and Filter Maintenance:The Purifiers

The oil and the oil filter form an indispensable team that keeps your compressor running smoothly. The oil lubricates and cools the compressor while the oil filter catches and removes impurities from the oil. Regular oil changes and filter replacements are essential to prevent wear and tear, reduce the risk of breakdowns, and enhance the overall life of your air compressor.

Air Filter Maintenance: The Breath of Fresh Air

The air filter has a vital role in sustaining the compressed air quality. It filters out dust, dirt, and other particulates that can harm the compressor and affect air quality. Regular air filter maintenance helps ensure your compressor runs efficiently, prolongs its lifespan, and delivers clean, contaminant-free air.

Filtermats Maintenance: The Temperature Controllers

Filtermats are key in regulating the temperature of the air compressor. They filter the cooling air that flows over the motor and the compression element, helping to maintain an optimal operating temperature. Regular filter mat maintenance helps ensure that your compressor stays cool, runs efficiently, and enjoys a longer operational life.

Regular servicing of these parts ensures smooth operation and enhances the longevity of your air compressor. With our comprehensive industrial compressor maintenance service at CRU AIR + GAS, we take care of these crucial aspects and more, providing you with peace of mind and ensuring that your compressor performs at its peak at all times.

The Good Program: Our Recommended Plan

Our Good Program is a preventive air compressor maintenance program designed to keep your air compressor running smoothly all year round. This program comes highly recommended if:

Your compressor runs for more than 4,120 hours a year.
You're looking to spread your maintenance costs over the calendar year.

You are open to additional recommendations based on the findings of the PM visit and can act on them within your existing maintenance budget.

This program aims to help you fix potential issues before they become major problems. With the Good Program, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you have a professional team looking after your air compressor, ensuring maximum uptime and minimal surprises.

Industrial Air Compressor Preventive Maintenance: A Smart Investment

Preventive maintenance is an investment, not a cost. It saves money in the long run by preventing costly repairs and prolonging the lifespan of your compressor. More than that, it ensures consistent performance, which translates to higher productivity and efficiency for your business.

At CRU AIR + GAS, we take air compressor maintenance service seriously. Our team is dedicated to helping you maintain the high-quality operation of your compressed air system. Don't wait until you encounter a problem. Contact us today to learn more about our air compressor maintenance service and how it can benefit your operations.


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