Our BETTER Program:

Where Preventive Maintenance or PM (our GOOD Program) will get you the minimum regular maintenance required on consumable parts for your air compressor, Predictive Maintenance or PdM (our BETTER Program) will provide you with all the services included in PM plus the following additional items:

  • Overhaul Inlet Valve
  • Overhaul Minimum Pressure Valve
  • Overhaul Thermostatic Valve
  • Overhaul Load/Unload Valve
  • Overhaul Oil Stop Valve (where applicable)
  • Steam wash combo cooler

PdM adds a higher level of reliability by regularly servicing worn parts that are integral to the compressor’s operation. These parts degrade as a function of the load on your compressor and the running hours.

We highly recommend our BETTER program for the following reasons:

  • A reliable backup compressor is not present
  • Production losses are costly to your facility
  • You prefer to have set monthly costs for maintenance and avoid larger, unplanned expenditures for repairs

Our Predictive Maintenance Brands