Nitrogen Demand Audit

You use nitrogen gas in your manufacturing process. Currently, your nitrogen gas is delivered via:

 Cylinder Bank
 Bulk Liquid Tank

You’ve made the smart decision to explore the business case for replacing these traditional methods of acquiring nitrogen gas with an onsite nitrogen generation system.

The first question you will likely ask is, “what size system will I need to buy?”

There are several ways to size your nitrogen generator, and each method has a varying level of accuracy and risk. The most accurate way is to measure the precise nitrogen flow you need with a flowmeter during your peak usage.

As the Canadian Partner for Holtec Gas Systems, we have a large inventory of nitrogen flowmeters that can typically be installed without drilling holes or other invasive means on your existing nitrogen gas infrastructure. Our technician will typically do a free site visit for an audit survey and see what equipment will be required. We will then discuss a schedule for installation and measuring your nitrogen gas flow that will capture your peak usage. This can range from 1 day to 2 weeks. Once we collect the data, we can put together a proposal for a customized Holtec Nitrogen Generation system that is sized specifically for your unique requirements.

If you purchase a Holtec system from us, the data collection (parts and labor) is provided free of charge.

Our Nitrogen Demand Audit Brands


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