Holistic Compressed Air Audits (HCAA)

You have a compressed air system in your manufacturing facility. You turn the equipment on at the beginning of the work week, and it runs constantly. Production lines run, and no one complains. You don’t have any unplanned shutdowns. Everyone is happy. So that means everything is good, right?

If we understand that compressed air is likely the most expensive utility used in your plant, then the math changes quickly and drastically. As large consumers of electricity, it is incumbent upon manufacturers and compressed air utility providers to dig deeper. Not just because it could dramatically increase your profit but because you could also reduce your carbon footprint and run a leaner, cleaner manufacturing operation.

With over 100 years of combined experience in the compressed air and gas industry, we have seen a lot of air compressors, gas compressors, and nitrogen generators. It has taught us one important lesson:

 There isn’t a one size fits all solution to optimizing your system.
 Therefore, we created our Holistic Compressed Air Audit (HCAA) program.
 Your system typically consists of a Supply Side and a Demand Side.

The supply side includes your air compressors, dryers, filters, and wet or dry air receiver. The demand side includes the piping network downstream of the dryer receiver and all consumers of compressed air in the plant. Our HCAA analyzes both sides of the manufacturing operation in terms of the following:

 kW and kWh consumed by each compressor.
 PSIG before and after the air dryers and at the end of the air network to measure the pressure gradient.
 Actual CFM to determine how much compressed air flow your plant is consuming.

Additionally, we add layers of analysis on your demand side, include:

 A Pneumatic Schematic of your compressed air piping network, including sizes and configuration.
 A complete leak study with a parabolic ultrasonic leak detector.
 Comprehensive analysis of any potential inappropriate uses of compressed air with your operations team.

The result of all this data gathering is the most thorough analysis of your plant’s energy footprint, from which we can then produce multiple simulations of potential reconfigurations or upgrades of your equipment and uses to benefit the overall energy use.

Historically, our HCAAs produce an increase in savings of up to 20% over the standard, out-of-box, plug-and-play audit hardware that is simply connected to your compressor system.

If you want to optimize your system, our Holistic Compressed Air Audit is the fastest way to reach your sustainability goals!

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