Full Facility Compressed Air Audits

Full Facility Compressed Air Audits

Compressed Air Audits are a valuable tool in reducing your plant’s overall operating costs without decreasing productivity… but only when done correctly! To achieve real cost and production efficiencies of your compressed air systems, you need to go beyond a simple supply audit and instead have a holistic audit of the end-to-end compressed air usage throughout your facility.

This is where our CRU AIR + GAS team truly shines. With Ontario’s only CEM/CEA/AIRMASTER+ Qualified Specialist and two full-time engineers (P.E.), we have the expertise and hands-on experience to uncover hidden compressed air efficiencies and inefficiencies wherever they are in your production facility.


Only CRU AIR + GAS can offer a Compressed Air Audit that ensures:

  • Audit is supervised and stamped by a CEM (Certified Energy Manager)
  • Audit measures and reports on the complete system – both supply and demand are considered
  • All compressors are monitored for kilowatt consumption for the duration of study
  • System pressure gradient profile is obtained using pressure transducers before and after air treatment, at any problem areas and at the end of the compressed air line
  • System flow is determined by installation of flow meter into the compressed air pipe for actual data
  • System capacitance is determined and a pressure decay or idle load test is carried out while the plant is shutdown
  • SDT Ultrasonic Leak Detector with Parabolic Sensor is used to determine artificial demand being generated by leaks in the system
  • CRU AIR + GAS audit staff collaborates with on-site maintenance and production staff during plant walk-throughs to identify opportunities and drill down on potential solutions that will provide maximum benefits without negatively affecting production
  • A pneumatic schematic is prepared so that customers can see where their pipe distribution system goes to map out potential issues and also as a reference point moving forward
  • Compressed Air Audit Report is prepared and presented to management including CFM, PSI and kW. Energy Saving Projects are proposed including ROI and available incentive money through the Save On Energy Program through your LDC (Local Distribution Company)
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