Zero Loss Compressed Air Condensate Trap

No timers to adjust. No modifications needed after installation. Each trap is actuated only as necessary according to the needs of your system. This prevents over- and under-draining, preserving system pressure and eliminating wasted compressed air. Because the drains are totally air operated, installation is flexible. Install the condensate traps in remote facilities, explosion risk areas, or hard to reach points along the system where electricity is not available.

The drains are green products and require no electricity, so energy costs are minimized. Automatic air operation minimizes system blow down and reduces wasted expensive system pressure. Corrosion resistant materials and few moving parts keep your system up and running. Because the drains are pneumatic, they are not affected by the vulnerabilities of electrical devices such as timer solenoids, motorized ball valves or electrically operated float valves. Simple pipe and tubing connections are all that are required for installation.

Condensate Handle

Includes Drain-All’s patented through-port design form more throughport capacity of solid debris. This drain will fit most industrial applications and compressors up to 1,500 HP depending on ambient conditions.

Use Condensate Handle For:

 Standard compressed air systems.
 Indoor Use.

Rust Handler

This is the drain to use when the application involves very large amounts of scale, rust, or other solid debris in the condensate stream. The patented throughport design on this model will pass even the largest amounts of solid debris without clogging or affecting drain function.

Use Rust Handler For:

 Systems with very old, rusty piping.
 Rust and scale from older equipment.
 Sediment and debris from desiccant dryers.

Pressure Handler

When your application pressure exceeds the normal condensate handler maximum working pressure of 170 PSIG, select the Pressure Handler. Models are available 300 PSIG, 750 PSIG and 1,200 PSIG ratings. A special configuration is also available to drain liquids at atmospheric pressure requiring a pressurized discharge to move liquids vertically or against back pressure.

Use Pressure Handler For:

 Blowmolding operations.
 Specialty gas applications.
 Atmospheric liquid run off.
 Gas purification processes.

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