Transforming Air Systems: Zero Loss Drains Installation by CRU AIR + GAS

At CRU AIR + GAS, we're not just distributors; we are leading zero-loss drains installation companies committed to elevate the efficacy of your compressed air systems. We offer state-of-the-art zero-loss drains for sale, ensuring each installation is meticulously tailored to optimize performance and sustainability, reinforcing your operational resilience.

Elevate Your Efficiency: Zero-Loss Drains for Sale

Experience hassle-free maintenance with our Zero Loss Compressed Air Condensate Traps. Discover the benefits of integrating our Zero-Loss Drains into your system:

  • Maintenance-Free Operation: Forget adjusting timers or post-installation changes.
  • Smart Activation: Traps function as needed, optimizing system pressure and preventing waste.
  • Energy Savings: Operate without electricity, reducing your carbon footprint and energy costs.
  • Versatile Installation: Air-operated for flexible installation in any location, even without an electrical supply.
  • Eco-Friendly: Green product design minimizes system blowdown and conserves precious resources.
  • Durable Design: Corrosion-resistant materials and minimal moving parts ensure a long-lasting solution.
  • Reliability: Pneumatic operation offers a dependable alternative to electrically powered devices.
  • Simple Setup: Requires only straightforward pipe and tubing connections to install.

Embrace the pinnacle of system efficiency with CRU AIR + GAS—your premier source for zero-loss condensate drain solutions.

Maximize Your System's Potential with Condensate Handle

The Condensate Handle by CRU AIR + GAS is engineered to meet the rigorous demands of industrial workspaces while offering an eco-conscious footprint. As trusted zero-loss condensate drain suppliers, we ensure that your system remains efficient with a design built to withstand the pressures of daily operations.

Discover the unmatched adaptability and durability of the Condensate Handle, designed to optimize your compressed air system:

  • Adaptable: Suitable for a wide range of industrial applications and compressors up to 1,500 HP.
  • Robust Design: Patented through-port design handles solid debris with ease.
  • Application: Ideal For Standard compressed air systems and optimal for indoor use.

Rust and Debris? No Problem with Rust Handler

This is the drain to use when the application involves vast amounts of scale, rust, or other solid debris in the condensate stream. The patented through port design on this model will pass even the most significant amounts of solid debris without clogging or affecting drain function.

Maximize your system's longevity with the Rust Handler, engineered to tackle the most challenging conditions:

  • High Capacity: Patented design effortlessly manages large debris without clogging.
  • Applications: Aging systems with rusty piping and managing sediment from desiccant dryers.

As one of the most reliable zero air loss condensate drain distributors, CRU AIR + GAS ensures your compressed air system maintains peak performance, even in the most challenging environments. With CRU AIR + GAS, experience the assurance of performance and reliability in your compressed air management.

High-Pressure Systems Meet Their Match with Pressure Handler

When your application pressure exceeds the normal condensate handler's maximum working pressure of 170 PSIG, CRU AIR + GAS's Pressure Handler steps in. Our selection of high-pressure condensate drains accommodates even the most demanding applications, distinguishing us as an industry leader among zero-loss drain installation companies.

Adapt to high-pressure demands confidently using our Pressure Handler:

  • Versatile: Available models for 300 PSIG, 750 PSIG, and 1,200 PSIG.
  • Custom Solutions: A special configuration is also available to drain liquids at atmospheric pressure, requiring a pressurized discharge to move liquids vertically or against back pressure.
  • Applications: Optimal for Blowmolding operations, Specialty gas applications, Atmospheric liquid runoff and Gas purification processes.

For any inquiries and support around the clock, contact our 24/7 Live Support. At CRU AIR + GAS, we are dedicated to providing superior zero-loss drain solutions and service excellence.


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