Purestream ACT Dryers by Friulair

High Efficiency Refrigerated Air Dryers for up to 200 PSIG MAWP

Purestream ACT Dryers by Friulair

Purestream ACT Dryers by Friulair

Purestream dryers by Friulair reduce the energy consumption of its range of compressed air dryers with the development of the ACT series (Aluminum Cooling Technology). The components of the ACT dryers including the refrigerant and materials of construction and have been selected with maximum respect for the environment and their ability to be recycled.

Performance and Benefits

  • Low pressure drop even with load variances
  • Low power consumption thanks to the ALU-DRY heat exchanger, high efficiency compressors, innovative hot gas by-pass valve and zero loss condensate drains
  • Constant pressure Dew Point with differing load conditions
  • Functional even at maximum working conditions (air inlet 70ºC and ambient 50ºC)


Alu-Dry Heat Exchanger

The air-to-air and the air-to-refrigerant heat exchangers plus the demister type condensate separator are housed in an unique module. The vertical arrangement ensures that moisture removed flows down to the automatic drain. The counter-flows of compressed air ensures maximum heat transfer.

DMC14 Controller

Operation of the ACT 20-500 model dryers are controlled and monitored by the DMC14 controller. The controller incorporates a digital dew point read out selectable in degrees F or degrees C scale. As a standard feature the controller also displays a visual alarm condition with the built-in capability to send a remote alarm signal.

Condensate Drain

All ACT dryers are equipped with energy saving zero-loss drain(s), that are designed to ensure that condensate is discharged without the loss of compressed air. This drain enhances an already energy saving dryer design.

Hot Gas By-Pass Valve

All model dryers are fitted with a stainless steel hot gas by-pass valve designed to prevent freezing and provide a constant dew point. This diaphragm valve is controlled by both temperature and pressure making the accuracy of operation unmatched in the industry. This valve is set during final factory testing and no further adjustments are required.


CRU AIR + GAS is committed to serving clients by stocking replacement parts for everything that we sell. We ensure stock for all major components and wearing parts. CRU AIR + GAS only stocks OEM original parts at competitive pricing.


Standard warranty is two years on the complete unit. Optional five (5) year heat exchanger limited warranty is available if a prefilter and afterfilter are purchased on the same PO as your new Purestream air dryer.