JORC Smart Guard Condensate Drain

Electronic level sensed condensate drain with alarm function

JORC Smart Guard Condensate Drain with Alarm Function

JORC Smart Guard Condensate Drain

The SMART GUARD is a compact electronically operated level sensed condensate drain which offers zero air-loss during the condensate discharge cycle. The new and improved design, the robust industrial housing, the alarm feature, and the 2/2 way direct acting valve assembly make the SMART GUARD a reliable solution for all compressed air system applications.

Performance and Benefits

  • Competitive compact zero air-loss draining solution.
  • Capacitive level sensing technology saves air, energy, and money.
  • Rapid pay-back period due to competitive pricing level and reduced stocking costs.
  • 1 model covers up to 3,000 scfm compressor capacity.
  • No sizing charts required.
  • Special module colour available for private label branding purposes.
  • Operating pressure up to 230 psi.


  • Cost-effective and offers a rapid pay-back period due to a competitive pricing level, low stocking cost, zero air-loss and energy saving aspects.
  • Can be installed in all compressed air system components up to 3,000 scfm regardless size and climate zone-- only 1 model needed!
  • Offers an integrated mesh strainer (to prevent large particles from entering the valve orifice), which is easy to disassemble and is service friendly.


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