Modular, Portable, “One-Touch” Operation

Holtec Nitrobreeze Series Nitrogen Generator



The NitroBreeze ™ Series of Nitrogen Generators by Holtec Gas Systems has been specially designed to the needs of small-to-medium sized businesses. Smaller, modular, and portable PSA Systems designed for “One-Touch” operation, covering the majority of small industrial requirements.

NitroBreeze’s turnkey Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) type Nitrogen Generator provides a cost-effective means for on-site N2 gas generation. It is based on using the latest PSA technology and utilizes Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) to separate nitrogen from the other gases contained in air. The Nitrogen Generator uses two beds of CMS to separate compressed air into a high-pressure nitrogen product stream and low-pressure oxygen enriched waste stream.

Generators are supplied as complete systems, ready for hook-up to a compressed air supply, including air filters and controls for automatic operation. Start up is at the flip of a switch and maintenance is limited to changing filters every three to twelve months. Each Nitrogen Generator comes pre-tested and fine tuned to meet the customer specified nitrogen flow rate and purity. Guaranteed fast delivery and installation.

Performance and Benefits

Nitrogen on demand

• Systems are available with a product purity up to 99.999% nitrogen (10 ppmv oxygen)
• Having your own nitrogen generator is hassle free
• Safer alternative to high-pressure nitrogen bottles or liquid nitrogen
• Always have nitrogen available at a reduced cost.

Return on Investment

• ROI- Typical paid back in less than one year
• Operational Flexibility- no more supplier contracts, rentals or delivery fees
• Convenience- self-generating nitrogen gives you control of operations
• Reduced Safety Concerns- store at less than 100 psig/7 barg (possibly up to 400 psig/28 barg for some applications.
• Purity Control- produce only the flow and capacity you require.
• Consumption rates- consume only what you need with automatic turn off thus saving on electricity.

If you are currently purchasing nitrogen in large bulkpacs or tanks and are looking to replace the system with an on demand, high purity nitrogen generator in Ontario, CRU AIR + GAS is proud to offer Holtec line of PSA and Membrane nitrogen gas generators.

Our systems include:

  • High pressure nitrogen generators up to 580 PSIG nitrogen pressure
  • Laser cutting nitrogen generators
  • Modified Atmospheric Packaging nitrogen gas generators
  • Liquid nitrogen generators
  • High purity nitrogen gas generation up to 99.9998%
  • Food grade nitrogen on site gas generation

If you’re wondering how the nitrogen generator cost or liquid nitrogen generator cost compares to the cost of a bulk liquid system, we offer free feasibility studies to see if the investment makes financial sense.

We have both new and used nitrogen generators for sale and our nitrogen generation systems include all required components including:

  • Low pressure air compressor
  • Low pressure air treatment
  • Low pressure air receiver
  • Nitrogen gas generator
  • Nitrogen booster compressor (if applicable)
  • Nitrogen low pressure or high pressure filtration
  • Low pressure or high pressure nitrogen receiver


• Nitrogen purity up to 99.999%
• Low to Moderate capacities
• Installation is a breeze!
• Fits through standard 36” door
• Fully plug and play
• Easy “One-Touch” operation
• Password protected screens
• Dimensions- 35”L x up to 30”W x up to 110”H


Holtec NitroBreeze as OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturer, supplies original spare parts that ensure the optimum life cycle of the generator, optimizing times, costs, and risks.


Holtec Gas Systems and CRU AIR & Gas warrants that for thirty (30) months from shipment or twenty-four (24) months from start-up, whichever occurs earlier, that the System will perform as described as per the documentation supplied with the equipment.


Please visit the Manufacturer’s website for more information and specific data sheets.