BEKO QWIK-PURE Series Oil & Water Separators

Highly efficient and adaptive condensate separation

Air Treatment - Beko Qwik-Pure Series Oil & Water Separators

BEKO QWIK-PURE Series Oil & Water Separators

Anyone who runs compressed air equipment needs to control and treat the inevitably occurring condensate. The on-site separation of oil and water for dispersed condensates usually represents a cost saving and permanently reliable solution to the problem. The purified water also meets the legal requirements regarding wastewater discharge. With several innovations combined with the proper know-how, the latest QWIK-PURE generation from BEKO Technologies demonstrates the product line’s market lead.

Performance and Benefits

Simplified Service/No Mess

Lightweight, easy to change cartridge and the exterior remains clean and dry (no dirty hands)

Reliable Operation

Works well with all lubrication types

Environmentally Safe

Cartridge can be disposed of normally and is safe for any sanitary landfill


Easy expansion with specifically designed accessories


Unique Adsorption Material

New filling material that is extremely light, not messy, and has increased performance

Integrated Pre-Separation

Separation of free oil increases capacities

Easy Retrofit Heating Unit

All model sizes can be equipped with heating elements for cold weather applications


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