ABC Compressors Ecoo Series Co2 Compressors

Oil-free Reciprocating Compressors for Co2

  • ABC Compressors Ecoo Series Co2 Compressors
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CRU AIR + GAS Product- ABC Ecoo Series Co2 Compressor

ABC Compressors Ecoo Series Co2 Compressors




ABC Compressors Ecoo Series Co2 Compressors

The ECOO Series compressors by ABC Compressors is an innovative new range of oil free Co2 compression units. ECOO produces compressed Co2 up to 20 bar (higher pressure per request), completely devoid of oil and complying with “ISO 8573” air quality regulations.

Performance and Benefits

Low energy consumption

  • Variable speed drive
  • Design focused on TCO
  • Best efficiency ratio

Extreme reliability & versatility

  • Up to 3 compression stages
  • Up to 6-cylinder configuration
  • Double acting cylinders
  • Horizontal or V shape configuration
  • Balanced forces with zero vibrations
  • 100% rigid pipes
  • Oil&Gas standards applied

Compact layout

  • Compressor package in a singular skid
  • Easy mobility and relocation
  • No cranes for maintenance
  • Directly attached to the floor
  • Plug&Play compressor


Industry 4.0

  • PLC brain system for compressor package control
  • Monitoring control systems (Ability eye)
  • Machine learning

Eco friendly compressor

  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • 90% of suppliers 250 km away
  • Easy transportation
  • 180 tons of Co2 emissions reduction per year
  • ECOVADIS green certification

International standards

  • Air quality in compliance with ISO8573
  • CE RoHS labels
  • ASME U stamp


ABC compressors as OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturer, supplies original spare parts that ensure the optimum life cycle of the compressor, optimizing times, costs, and risks.

This service ensures:

  • Longest service cycles in the market. +12000 hours
  • Supply of original spare parts
  • Constantly upgraded versions of original parts, always involving the latest technologies
  • Express service in case of emergencies (up to 24h)
  • Original spare parts in stock
  • Spare parts warehouses in our worldwide local services.
  • Personalized management of customer‘s spare parts warehouse
  • Extended warranty up to 60 months available with service agreement


Your opportunity to enhance the compressor’s performance. The standard first year warranty is what any supplier can offer and perform. CRU AIR + GAS is proud to be an ABC Compressors Global Service Partner and can offer an extended five (5) year warranty on all major components in combination with a Service Agreement. This allows ECOO customers to ensure reliable, efficient compressed air for the duration of your extended warranty period.