Two Stage PET Blowmolders

At CRU PET Solutions, we take pride in offering both single-stage and two-stage PET blow moulder machines, each uniquely designed to address a range of packaging needs. These systems have earned acclaim from some of North America's most successful converters, not just for their high-quality output, but for their excellent flexibility. The two-stage blow molding machine, in particular, set a new industry benchmark. You can respond to your customer’s unique bottle and jar demands almost instantaneously, allowing you to quickly scoop up business from competitors, which in the past would have taken significant capital and re-tooling to bid on.

Experience the Power of Two-Stage BlowMolding Machine

CRU PET Solutions is not just your two-stage pet-blowing machine installers but your partners in exceptional packaging possibilities. The Two-Stage Blow Molding Machines are a top choice amongst the most successful converters in North America, thanks to their remarkable flexibility. There's no competition - our systems let you adapt to your customer's unique bottle and jar requirements almost instantly. This agility helps you seize opportunities and outperform competitors effortlessly, without significant capital or re-tooling investment.

A Trustworthy Two-Stage PET Molders Supplier

At CRU PET Solutions, we are more than a two-stage pet-blowing machine distributor; we offer an enhanced and comprehensive packaging solution. These machines, known as the world's most flexible 2-stage Blow Molding Machines, exhibit incomparable technical capabilities:

Ability to produce up to 10L containers and 120mm neck finishes from the same unit.
Utilization of 3D-printed neck-specific parts for the perfect fit.
Mold adaptors for all competitor molds.
Lateral handle bottles.
Built-in and fully integrated leak detection/base cooling system.
Options for semi-automatic to fully robotic packaging, palletizing, and bagger outfeed options.
Electric hot fill system and double blow system suitable for extreme temperature applications.
Mold with moving parts and base push-up systems.

Production Flexibility with 2-Stage Blow Molding Machines

As two-stage blow molding system suppliers, we ensure these machines are both easy-to-use and adaptable to your needs.

Experience swift and efficient complete mold and neck changeovers in just 30 minutes or less.
Accommodate various materials including PET, rPET, refillable PET, and PP for a diverse product range.
Leverage our universal narrow-neck and wide-mouth automated infeed system for enhanced operation efficiency.

User-Friendly Operation and Support

The two-step PET Blow molding Machines are designed with a simplicity that ensures seamless operation:

Safety sensors are positioned strategically for maximum operator protection at all key points of risk.
Utilization of self-setting stretch rods for efficient machine setup.
Availability of standard and premium cabinet options for comprehensive, 360-degree machine access.
Upon request, auditor line-of-sight packages can be provided.
Machines constructed with standard components from trusted manufacturers like Siemens and Festo.
Custom-configured First Aid kits are available for each specific machine.
An online platform for self-serve parts ordering, making maintenance a breeze.

Reliable Service and Development Assistance

As a trusted name among PET Two-Stage Blow molding Machine suppliers, we believe in thorough service and development support. We stand by our commitment to customer satisfaction with a robust support system:

A team of factory-trained PET technicians across the US, Canada, and the Caribbean ready to assist.
EVA programs enable customers to utilize SMART glasses for remote support.

Our development support is designed to foster your business growth:

Special Preforms: A self-serve platform for the development of optimized performs for your container with a cooperative tooling program to help you enter new markets at a fraction of the mold cost.
Start Bottle: Our self-serve container prototyping platform gets you access to a team of designers and specialists. With their help, new PET and PP containers can be in your hands within 2-3 weeks.
Bottle Lightweighting Service: A complimentary service on all new molds purchased with your new system, aiding you in achieving more with less.

Trust us to be your partner in progress, as we offer not just a machine but a comprehensive solution for your business. Contact CRU PET Solutions, your reliable, Flexible 2-stage Blow molding Machine supplier.


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