Single Stage PET Blowmolders

Single-stage ISBM Machines For Quality Packaging

Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machines

 Patented process with many benefits and quick investment payback.
 Long stroke machine models for higher productivity.
 Servo hydraulic technology for the lowest energy consumption.
 All electric machines for clean room applications.
 Unparalleled production flexibility – From 50mL to 50L from the same machine just by changing molds!

Lower Investment For Equivalent Output

Use of cost-effective, mature, and reliable injection molding technology as a base.
Generous clamping force and area – more cavities, higher output.

Up To 50% Lower Electricity Consumption Vs. Conventional Single-stage Technology

 For the servo-hydraulic CYPET machine models, electricity consumption is only 0.36 kWh/kg of finished bottles produced.
 Air recovery system is standard, minimizing air compressor size and energy consumed.
 CYPET containers have the lowest carbon footprint on the market.

CYPET Preform Molds – Two-stage Mold Design

 Proven, reliable two-stage mold technology.
 Naturally balanced hot runner – remains balanced for all perform weights, unlike rhetorical balancing used in conventional single-stage technology.
 Valve gated hot runner – no stringing.
 Large gate diameter – lower shear, higher injection speeds.
 Standard hot runner components – easy maintenance.

Adding Value Through Innovation


 Single-stage process for PET bottles, jars, and drums.
 Post-cooling process for PET preforms.
 Process for PET bottles with integrated handles.


 PET beer kegs with integrated chime and handles.
 PET beer kegs with safety pressure relief valves.
 Hot runner system for PET preform molds.

Design Registered

 Water cooler bottles with integrated handles.
 Innovative 15-20L edible oil containers.

Unique PET Packaging Applications Include

 The safest beer kegs on the marketc.
 Water dispensing bottles with strong, ergonomic, integrated handles.
 The world’s first PET drums.
 Innovative PET packaging for edible oils.
 Wide mouth jars up to 25L and 200mm neck.
 Rectangular neck containers up to 100L.
 PET bottles with integrated handles.


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