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Industrial rotary screw compressors are the powerhouse that can elevate your operations to new heights. With their superior performance, efficiency, and reliability, these rotary screw compressors deliver a continuous and consistent supply of compressed air to meet the demanding needs of various industries. Trust CRU AIR + GAS as a reliable rotary screw compressor supplier, backed by the commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction.

Discover the Power of Industrial Rotary Screw Compressors.

CRU AIR + GAS offers a comprehensive selection of industrial rotary screw compressors that cater to diverse requirements. Our range includes compressors of varying sizes, capacities, and specifications, ensuring that we can match the right compressor to your specific needs. Whether you require a compact compressor for small-scale operations or a high-capacity solution for heavy-duty applications, our team of experts will assist you in selecting the ideal rotary screw compressor.

Let’s explore the benefits, cutting-edge features,and advancements of the latest BOGE compressor, setting a new standard for compressed air solutions.

S-4 – A Technological Milestone

The Next Evolution Of BOGE Compressors

With the new S-4 models, the fourth generation of the popular S-series rotary screw compressors are already starting to encourage and spearhead industrial progress. This generation not only makes it possible to achieve a significant breakthrough by saving energy but also takes sound insulation and ease of maintenance to an entirely new level. The international claim made with the launch is equally confident: “Designed to take the lead.” We are looking at a fundamentally new design here – And it is this same approach – constantly scrutinizing tried and tested technologies – characterizes BOGE’s long-standing family business, which is now, fittingly, also in the fourth generation.

BOGE “IntegrateDrive” Airend

Enclosed, low losses and virtually maintenance-free with optimum efficiency

Sound-optimized Cooling Air Duct

Audible success thanks to specific insulation measures at the deflection points

Low-speed Radial Fan

Reduces noise and energy costs – optionally available with speed control

Elastic “SilentMount” Suspension

All components are secured to the base frame with elastic mountings to ensure isolation from vibrations

Maintenance-friendly Design Based On The Easy Access Principle

Access is limited to 2 sides, and all components are readily accessible

Innovative Separation Technology For Safe, Convenient, Cartridge Replacement

A new swivel mechanism for the cover makes changing cartridges faster and banishes the risk of accidents.

Taking Efficiency To A New Level

Minimal Power Consumption, Extremely Short Downtimes

Effortless maintenance, and a long-life expectancy – the BOGE S-4 series rotary screw compressor has what it takes to outshine all screw compressors in the same class. From the outset, the new models offer the most efficient rotary screw air compressors in their specific segment. At the heart of every S-4 is the BOGE “IntegrateDrive” Airend, which was developed in-house. This features fully integrated gears or direct drive with speed control.

Practical By Nature – Particularly When It Comes To Maintenance

All Sound-insulating Panels On The S-4 Can Be Removed For Fast Access In Next To No Time

Regular maintenance work can be performed from just two sides: Changing the oil and separation cartridge takes place at the front of the machine, likewise the suction regulator, minimum pressure valve, and oil regulator. Only the oil, air, and primary intake air filters are changed from the side.

SO And SOF – Changing The Oil-free Game

Innovative Down To The Last Detail – Available From 45 To 355 KW

Precise engineering for clean results: The SO series rotary screw air compressor impresses with its intelligent design, high-quality workmanship, and innovative functional principle. Its technologically mature and maintenance-friendly design makes the production of oil-free compressed air safe, reliable and economical. Based on site conditions, you have the option of fixed or variable speed drive and air or water cooling.

Optimally Placed Intake Filter

The principle of pre-separation and subsequent fine separation of the intake air ensures optimal cleaning of the intake air and minimum wear at the Airend in all SO models. The intake filter – mounted at the coolest point – guarantees high delivery rates and low specific power.

Powerful Drive Motor

In the interest of maximum efficiency, only highly efficient IE4 motors are used – optionally with an automatic, demand-controlled relubrication device. All drives in rotary screw compressors can be equipped with frequency converters to further reduce energy consumption.

Effective Sound Insulation

How to achieve an effective reduction of the sound level? Through the consistent use of unique sound insulation material with a higher degree of good adsorption in the relevant octave bands.

Tried And Tested Airend

Developed in Germany, the BOGE Airend impresses with high-quality, generously dimensioned bearings, possible minor tolerances, and effective sealing between the oil system and compression chamber. Everything for absolutely oil-free compressed air and high delivery rates with the lowest specific power.

Optional Heat Recovery

The fantastic thing about the BOGE heat recovery solution: 94% of the supplied energy can be used for the heating system, as service water, or as heat for industrial processes. This saves energy and cash and applies to all water-cooled compressors.

Consistent Vibration Recovery

The vibration decoupling and the low-stress design of the rotary screw compressor and cooling sections, as well as other components, not only result in a further reduction of pulsation vibrations and the sound level: it also guarantees less wear and longer service life of the components.

Low-Maintenance Cooling Concept

In the interest of long service life, the coolers have been oversized and are constructed from high-quality materials. To ensure that the hot compressed air is cooled to a constant low temperature, the cooling system has been designed to provide continuous water velocity through the pipe work, resulting in less contamination and, thus, improved efficiency.

Maximum Condensate Separation

Only effective condensate separation with intelligent flow guidance creates the prerequisite for optimum cooling. This guarantees high energy efficiency with minimal pressure losses.

Oil-free And Safe

From the innovative compressor technology, which operates with the smallest possible tolerances, to the effective sealing between the oil system and the compression chamber to produce oil-free compressed air wherever the highest compressed air quality is required, there are no compromises with the SO series.

Amazingly Economical

Both the type of intake and the intelligent routing of the cooling air and the effective cooling by heat exchangers ensure a high delivery rate with the lowest specific power. The air-cooled versions use an inter-cooling system developed by BOGE. All this provides extremely economical, cost-saving compressed air generation.

More Efficient Through Frequency Control

All the single stage air compressors in the SO series are available in a frequency-controlled version; the frequency converter is housed in the switch cabinet to save space. This allows energy savings to be achieved in several ways:

 Idle times are minimized.
 The operating pressure is lowered.
 Start-up currents are eliminated.
 It is possible to react more quickly to changes in demand.

In addition, the “smooth” operation reduces wear on the compressor and thus extends its service life.

More Efficiency Through Temperature Optimization

Thanks to effective inter-cooling by a frequency-controlled exhaust fan, the intermediate temperature of the air-cooled compressors of the SO series is optimized. In this way, the inlet temperature to the HP Airend remains constant, and the energy consumption is minimized – the associated increase in efficiency is impressive.

If you are looking to take your industrial operations to the next level, our rotary screw compressors are here to deliver unmatched performance, efficiency, and reliability.

Why settle for anything less when you can power your business with the best?

Explore our range of industrial rotary screw compressors and experience the difference they can make in optimizing your compressed air systems. Our team of skilled rotary screw compressor installers has the knowledge and experience to ensure seamless installation, maximizing the performance and longevity of your equipment. Trust us to handle your installation needs with professionalism and efficiency, leaving you with a perfectly functioning compressed air system to drive your business forward. Partner with us and enjoy a seamless experience with trusted screw air compressor suppliers who prioritize your success.

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