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CRU AIR + GAS stands as a cutting-edge refrigerated compressed air dryer supplier, offering advanced solutions tailored to meet your industry's unique demands. The refrigerated compressed air dryers are designed to optimize your industrial processes, ensuring the efficient operation of your equipment and the quality of your end products.

Optimize Your Industrial Processes with the Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer

As a trusted refrigerated air dryer supplier, we're committed to bringing our clients the very best in technology. The refrigerated air dryers for compressors are built with precision, engineered to provide you with consistent airflow and eliminate contaminants and moisture that could affect your machinery's performance.

Leading Refrigerated Air Dryer Supplier Committed to Quality and Efficiency

Refrigerated compressed air dryer systems bring together high functionality and robust design, providing a reliable solution to your air treatment needs. These dryers work by cooling the compressed air, which in turn reduces the amount of moisture it can carry. The resulting condensation is then efficiently removed, leaving you with dry, clean air that helps extend the life of your equipment and improves your operational efficiency.

The refrigerated air dryer for the compressor is particularly essential in applications where moisture could have detrimental effects. From preventing the growth of harmful mold and bacteria in the food and beverage industry to reducing the risk of corrosion in metalworking processes, our refrigerated air dryers prove their worth across various industries.

DS-2 – Energy-Efficient Dryers

Discover BOGE's DS-2, an innovative low-energy refrigerated air dryer, that brings together unmatched adaptability, energy conservation, and a commendable low CO2 footprint, setting a new standard in environmental sustainability.

When it comes to saving energy, BOGE’s new compressed air refrigerant dryers coolly run away from the competition: flexible and smart, they constantly adapt to whatever you need. Once the required pressure dew point has been reached, the cooling compressor automatically switches to power-saving mode. The frequency-controlled fan (available from DS 1400-2 N) also reduces energy consumption – by up to 25%! Pressure losses are effectively kept to a minimum, and the low refrigerant requirement and its low global warming potential result in a delightfully low CO2 footprint. Sustainability comes first!

Programmed to Save Energy

The economy runs in the DNA of these models. Their smart control automatically switches off the refrigerant compressor at partial load or under unfavorable ambient conditions, responding to seasonal fluctuations. Incoming compressed air is cooled by the cold reserve stored in the heat exchanger. The compressor only restarts when the compressed air reaches a specific temperature level. This means you start saving money right from the date of commissioning!

Born for Sustainability

The lower the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of the refrigerant and the less refrigerant required, the better for the environment! That's why all models in the DS-2 series feature a sealed refrigerant circuit that's both highly economical and charged with environmentally friendly, future-proof R513A (GWP:631) refrigerant. This makes the DS-2 series an optimal choice for protecting your investment, the climate, and our environment.

Touchscreen Control (From DS 700-2)

The high-resolution, user-friendly 3.5″ touchscreen (DS 700-2 to DS 1000-2) and the 4.3″ touchscreen (from DS 1400-2 upwards) allow you to easily adjust the energy consumption to the actual operating conditions, minimizing the power consumption of the dryer. Temperature fluctuations are automatically relayed to the control, thus lowering consumption and costs while maintaining a constant dewpoint. With Modbus RTU, TCP, and USB ports, exporting and analyzing data becomes effortless.

Other Features Include:

Electronic hot gas bypass valve for quick and efficient control.
High and low refrigerant pressure gauges.
LED status bar for visual indication of dryer status (DS 700-2 and up).

As a dedicated Refrigerated Air Dryer Supplier, we understand that different industries have different requirements. That's why we offer a wide range of refrigerated air dryers, from compact models perfect for small operations to industrial air dryers designed for large-scale applications. Whether you're in pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, or the automotive industry, we have the right refrigerated air dryer system to suit your needs.

All our refrigerated air dryers for air compressors come with comprehensive after-sales support. Our team of skilled technicians is always ready to assist with installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting to ensure your equipment continues to operate at its best.

Step up your operation's efficiency with CRU AIR + GAS Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers. We're here to provide you with dependable solutions that deliver clean, dry air, every time. Contact us today, and let us help you select the ideal air treatment solution that perfectly aligns with your unique needs.


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