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DS-2 – The Low Energy Dryer

When it comes to saving energy, BOGE’s new compressed air refrigerant dryers coolly run away from the competition: flexible and smart, they constantly adapt to whatever you need. Once the required pressure dew point has been reached, the cooling compressor automatically switches to power-saving mode. The frequency-controlled fan (available from DS 1400-2 N) also reduces energy consumption – by up to 25%! Pressure losses are effectively kept to a minimum, and the low refrigerant requirement and its low global warming potential result in a delightfully low CO2 footprint.

Sustainability comes first!

Programmed To Save Energy

Economy is in the DNA of these models. The smart control automatically switches off the refrigerant compressor at partial load or in unfavorable ambient conditions according to seasonal fluctuations. The incoming compressed air is then cooled by the cold reserve stored in the heat exchanger. The compressor only starts up again when the compressed air has reached a certain temperature level. This means you are saving money from the date of commissioning!

Born To Be Sustainable

The lower the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of the refrigerant and the lower the requirement, the better for the environment! That is why all models in the DS-2 series range feature a sealed refrigerant circuit, which is highly economical and charged with environmentally friendly and future-proof R513A (GWP:631) refrigerant. This makes the DS-2 series the best choice to protect your investment, the climate, and our environment.

Touchscreen Control (From DS 700-2)

The high resolution clearly laid out, user-friendly 3.5″ touchscreen (DS 700-2 to DS 1000-2) and the 4.3″ touchscreen (from DS 1400-2 up) allow you to easily adjust the energy consumption to the actual operating conditions to minimize the power consumption of the dryer. Temperature fluctuations are automatically sent to the control, thus lowering consumption and costs at a constant dewpoint. A Modbus RTU, TCP, and USB port make exporting and analyzing data easier.

Other Features Include:

 Electronic hot gas bypass valve for quick and efficient control.
 High and low refrigerant pressure gauges.
 LED status bar for visual indication of dryer status (DS 700-2 and up).

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