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CRU AIR + GAS, a trusted leader with over 20 years in the compressed air and gas industry, takes pride in offering superior chiller solutions tailored to the evolving demands of today's industries. Our reputation as an industrial central chiller and temperature control chillers supplier is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation in meeting the demands of modern industries. We understand the precision required in managing temperature controls, and our products have been designed to offer that very precision combined with reliability and energy efficiency.

CWT Chiller Line

As specialists in temperature control chillers and process chillers for plastics, the CWT Purestream Chiller range meets the cooling needs of advanced equipment across varied sectors. These industrial air-cooled chillers ensure impeccable temperature control, adapting seamlessly to varying load demands, ensuring longevity and energy-saving operations. All units have the necessary components to provide a safe, reliable, and energy-saving operation.

CWE Chiller Line:

The CWE Purestream range brings our expertise as leading industrial chiller suppliers to the fore. Designed to emphasize efficiency, these units provide consistent temperature control chillers for extended durations even with fluctuating loads, promising safety, reliability, and energy conservation.

CWB Chiller Line:

Delve into the future of temperature management with the CWB Purestream Chiller range.
These industrial chillers showcase our prowess in process chillers for plastics and various industrial applications. Combining our expertise as a prime industrial chillers installation company with the demands of numerous industries, this range offers precision, durability, and notable energy savings.

Portable Chillers - The CFT Chiller Line:

The CFT range of PURESTREAM process chillers are suited for indoor and outdoor installations and are intended for comfort and process cooling applications. The series comprises eight basic models ranging from 100 to 300 kW (27 to 84 Tons).

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Why Choose CRU AIR + GAS for Industrial Air Cooled Chiller?

As an Industrial Central Chillers supplier and installer, CRU AIR + GAS stands out as a beacon of quality and trust. Our legacy as key players in the oil & gas process chiller domain and serving industries like aerospace, automotive, and pharmaceuticals make us the go-to name for all your chiller needs.

Besides the top-notch products, our offerings extend to airend overhauls, compressed air, nitrogen demand audits, and round-the-clock emergency support. Our commitment is to provide unparalleled customer service and solutions that truly resonate with your needs.

If you are searching for trusted temperature control chillers suppliers or need professionals for industrial chillers installation - Choose CRU AIR + GAS, your one-stop solution for chiller units. Contact us today, and let us transform your industrial cooling processes.


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