Onsite Nitrogen Generator

Save Money and Improve Efficiency with On-site Nitrogen Generation System

There are two ways to get the nitrogen you need for your operations:

1. Third-party supplier

You can purchase nitrogen from a gas supplier in one of these forms:

Bulk Liquid
Liquid Dewars
High Pressure Cylinders

2. On-site nitrogen generation

You can generate nitrogen on-site by extracting it from the ambient air using one of two methods:

Challenges with Traditional Gas Delivery

With the traditional method of nitrogen gas delivery, nitrogen is purchased from a third-party supplier and delivered to your facility as bulk liquid, in liquid dewars, or in high pressure cylinders. If you’ve been getting nitrogen from a third-party supplier, you’ve probably experienced these challenges:

High Nitrogen Gas Prices
Delivery Fees
Tank Rental Fees
Hazardous Material Surcharges
No Control Over the Purity of Gas
Wasted Gas
Lengthy and Restrictive Contracts
Delivery Delays
Supply Interruptions
Increased Environmental Footprint
Safety Risks

You can eliminate these challenges by purchasing a nitrogen generator and producing the gas you need on-site.

Why Choose an On-site Nitrogen Generation System?

There are many benefits to owning an industrial nitrogen generator. You get the convenience of producing nitrogen gas at your facility. Owning your own nitrogen generation system eliminates reliance on third parties — and the contracts, fees, and logistical challenges that come with those relationships.

An on-site nitrogen generator gives you control over your nitrogen supply. You don’t have to worry about running out of nitrogen and experiencing business disruptions while waiting for the supplier to deliver it.

Owning your own nitrogen generator allows you to control the purity of your gas. When you buy from a third party, you usually get a higher purity than what you need. And that can increase your costs substantially. On-site nitrogen generation is a cost-efficient approach that enables you to get the purity level that meets your needs.

Generating nitrogen on-site with the help of a nitrogen generator can also reduce your company’s environmental footprint. Producing the nitrogen you need, eliminates the need for delivery and removes the impact of nitrogen gas transportation from your environmental footprint. And because liquid nitrogen is always evaporating, you reduce waste when you generate nitrogen on-site.

On-site nitrogen generation reduces safety concerns. With traditional delivery, there is a risk of leaks and spills. Handling the high pressure cylinders also creates safety risks.

When you buy an industrial nitrogen generator, you’re paying only for the electricity you need to run the nitrogen generator and for periodic maintenance. You don’t incur the additional costs linked to third-party suppliers of nitrogen gas. Choosing an on-site nitrogen generation system is a more cost-efficient approach.

Consider the annual operating costs associated with on-site nitrogen generation systems. These costs fall into two categories:

Electricity Consumed by the Air Compressor
Periodic Maintenance (Changing Filters and other Consumables)

While electricity is the most significant annual expense, this cost is relatively nominal in terms of price per unit compared to the cost of purchasing nitrogen gas from a third-party supplier.

Why Choose CRU AIR + GAS for Onsite Nitrogen Generator in Canada?

Superior products and knowledgeable, reliable service

You can count on CRU AIR + GAS for high-quality industrial nitrogen generators and professional installation. We provide efficient and reliable nitrogen gas generation solutions for industrial applications. Our trained, experienced technicians will handle your installation with care.

When you work with CRU AIR + GAS, you’ll quickly realize our focus is on a holistic approach to your nitrogen generation system. You can be assured that when you trust CRU AIR + GAS with your business, you will have a partner ready to respond quickly.

You’re in good hands with CRU’s certified technicians who will support you for unplanned and planned service related to the nitrogen generation system. Our skilled, in-house technical team supports the operation of all our products in your facility around the clock and can provide nitrogen generator maintenance services when needed.

In addition to product support, we can strengthen your sustainability initiatives with our in-house auditing team consisting of two professional engineers, a certified energy manager, and a certified energy auditor.

The Benefits of Purchasing a Holtec Nitrogen Gas Generator

CRU AIR + GAS is proud to be the Canadian Partner for Holtec Gas Systems. Holtec is an internationally recognized, experienced designer and manufacturer of nitrogen generation systems. When you purchase a Holtec on-site nitrogen generator from CRU AIR + GAS, these are the key benefits you’ll experience:

1. Higher Return on Investment (ROI)
The initial investment in a Holtec nitrogen generator is typically paid back in less than one year. The ROI is even more dramatic for high nitrogen prices in locations that are remote to the supply chain.

2. No Contracts or Additional Fees
Buying a Holtec nitrogen generator means you don’t have to deal with contracts and fees from a third-party nitrogen supplier.
Charges from suppliers may include the cost of the bulk nitrogen, tank rental fees, delivery fees, and hazardous material surcharges. You may also have to deal with harsh terms like price increases contractually demanded by the supplier and restrictive contracts that last at least 5-10 years.

3. Reliable Supply
On-site nitrogen generation puts you in control of your supply. If you decide to run a second shift, nitrogen will be available. You control your supply and don’t need to work through a contract, availability, or pricing details with a bulk nitrogen supplier.

4. Reduced Safety Concerns
Nitrogen generated on-site is typically stored at 5-20x lower pressure than nitrogen in a cylinder. Liquid nitrogen is stored at shallow temperatures. This creates a freezing hazard, and when safeties fail, it can cause extreme overpressurization of downstream equipment.

5. Purity Control
Bulk nitrogen is typically supplied at ultra-high purity: >99.999%. This is significantly higher than most industrial requirements and demands more electricity to produce. In contrast, on-site nitrogen generators are sized to produce only the flow, purity, and capacity you require. Smaller, less costly systems can be acquired if purity is customized to your actual needs.

6. Control of Your Consumption
With your Holtec nitrogen generator, you pay only for the nitrogen you use. When you aren’t using nitrogen, your Holtec nitrogen generator will turn off, consuming no electricity. Liquid nitrogen stored in a bulk tank outside your facility will boil off when not consumed and must be released through a safety valve. Some suppliers will require you to absorb a specific loss rate and may empty your tank to the atmosphere before refilling.

Holtec Onsite Nitrogen Generators - Application and Features

CompactBreeze™ Series

This nitrogen generator is designed to fit the needs of small- to medium-sized businesses to eliminate barriers related to footprint, cost, and limited experience

Modular, Portable, One-Touch Operation
Advanced PSA Technology with Purity up to 99.999% (maximum 10 ppm O2 content)
Perfect for Lab Applications and other Low-Flow Needs
Compact Design Simplifies Installation in a Variety of Indoor Spaces
Same Advanced Control System as our Larger NitroBreeze™ Series

Niagara™ Series

Flexibility And Capacity To Conquer Any Operation

Advanced PSA technology with purity up to 99.9995% (5 ppm O2 content)
Flexible Capacities to Meet any Requirement.
Full Color, Animated Graphical user Interface (HMI).
Remote User Monitoring via any Browser Interface (Mobile, Tablet, PC).
Remote Troubleshooting by Factory Personnel.
Automatic Trend Graphing of Performance (Real-Time and Historical).

Nitrobreeze™ Series

Designed to fit the needs of small- to medium-sized businesses to eliminate barriers related to footprint, cost, and limited experience

Modular, One-Touch Operation
Low to Moderate Capacities, Modular Design
Installation is Easy
Fits through a Standard 36” Door
Purpose-Driven design — Fully Plug and Play
Easy One-Touch Operation
Password-Protected Screens for Advanced Maintenance Requirements

Amazon™ Series

Steady, capable, modular design for any application

Continuous Flow Membrane Technology
Steady Flow/Steady State Process
N2 Purities up to 99.5% (0.5% O2 Content)
Flexible Capacities to meet any requirement
Easy Connectivity to Plant Control Systems (DCS)
Limited Mechanical Components for Reduced Complexity

Spirit™ Series

The benchmark for flexibility, tailored to your unique application

Continuous Flow Membrane Technology
Minimal Footprint for Ease of Integration
Design Flexibility to meet Extremely Varied Application Demands
Low to Moderate Capacities
N2 Purities up to 99.5% (0.5% O2 Content)
No Electronics — Just Pipe Inlet and Outlet to your Process (An Easy Solution to Hazardous Area Requirements)
Ready to Get Better Efficiency and Save Money?

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