Oil Water Separators

QWIK-PURE – Highly Efficient, Direct-to-cartridge Separation

The disposal of air compressor lubricant carryover in the condensate is a concern, as is the variety of local regulations. Installation of an oil-water separator is simple. The oily condensate from each drain valve is individually piped to a depressurization chamber to reduce pressure on the atmosphere. The clean water is then directed into a wastewater drain. The separated oil is contained within the cartridge or held in a collection vessel for proper disposal.

Reliable Operation

The QWIK-PURE range was designed with decades of experience to work well with all lubricant types, including Polyglycol, to provide years of reliable service.

Absorption Material

The heart of any oil-water separator is the adsorption material used, which is why QWIK-PURE uses an advanced filling material that is exceptionally light and not messy.

Environmentally Safe

QWIK-PURE cartridges may be disposed of typically and are safe for sanitary landfills because the oil is securely trapped in the adsorption material and sealed.

Ease Of Use

Easy, flexible installation with multiple inlet options and a lightweight filling cartridge with integrated handles make service simple and clean.

Future Proof

Multiple units can be used together and accommodate flow rates of over 7,000 scfm with the flow-splitter device.

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