HORIZON SYNCHRO Oil Free Reciprocating PET Compressors

HORIZON SYNCHRO – The Future of Oil Free Reciprocating PET Compressors has Arrived

HORIZON SYNCHRO emerges with a mechanical design that ensures optimal performance by enhancing the balance between consumption and airflow and by improving heat transfer and compression stability. This design approach in horizon air compressor optimizes efficiency and presents a significant investment advantage.

1. Unparalleled Reliability:

The HORIZON SYNCHRO oil-free booster air compressor, inheriting the trusted legacy of the Horizon series, introduces a design revolution. This oil free reciprocating air compressor offers remarkable leak resistance, a testament to decades of expertise in horizontal compressor manufacturing across various industries.

HORIZON air compressor features zero leakage crankcase* for unmatched sealing.
Integrated cooling system to minimize water leakage.
Enhanced cooling surface within cylinders for optimal performance.
Reduced dead spaces in cylinders for efficiency.
Improved airflow across the unit, ensuring consistent operation.

2. Advanced Permanent Magnet Motor

As the first in the market to utilize a technologically superior IE5 motor, the HORIZON SYNCHRO addresses energy losses head-on, boasting an efficiency rate of over 97%.

Over 20% reduction in motor losses compared to IE3 motors.
Compact and lightweight design for ease of installation.
Precise synchronous speeds for operational consistency.
Maintains high efficiency even at low speeds.
Extended bearing lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements.
Horizon compressor features lower noise and vibration, enhancing workplace environment.

3. Cutting-Edge Variable Speed Drive

HORIZON SYNCHRO, as a state-of-the-art oil free reciprocating compressor, offers frequency drive offers the broadest regulation range in the market, significantly minimizing energy consumption.

Average of 30% energy savings during regulation.
Up to 82% energy savings during idle times.
HORIZON compressor offers rapid payback period, averaging less than 2 years.
Maintains high efficiency even at low speeds.
Eliminates intense starting peaks, ensuring smooth operation.
Reduces pressure fluctuations for consistent performance.

4. Versatility and Adaptability:

Designed to meet diverse requirements, the HORIZON SYNCHRO oil-free pressure booster compressor boasts a state-of-the-art configuration that adapts seamlessly to various needs.

Ranging from 500 to 6600m3/h in capacity.
Features multifrequency and multicertification capabilities.
Modular, compact design simplifies installation and maintenance.
No need for vibration pads; uses chemical bolts for ground attachment.
Centralized control for the entire system.
Utilizes hard piping for all compressed air.
Maintenance-friendly design with accessible components.
Accommodates in standard container sizes for easy transport.
Customizable options to meet specific customer requirements.

5. Industry 4.0 Integration:

The HORIZON SYNCHRO oil-free PET booster air compressor is the first fully digital compressor, featuring 100% digital control and automation, including cloud monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Centralized control for temperature, pressure, and more.
Integrated VSD as standard across the range.
Ensures start current equals nominal current.
Regulation range from 100% to 18%, adapting to demand.

6. Commitment to Sustainability:

HORIZON SYNCHRO oil free booster compressor aligns with Sustainable Development Goals, demonstrating a strong commitment to environmental responsibility.

Majority of suppliers are local, supporting community businesses.
Complete control over production, from machining to testing.
Technical Service digitalization for efficient remote assistance.
Over 50% of factory energy sourced from solar panels.
Focus on reducing energy consumption through advanced technology.
Idling times elimination as a primary goal.
Incorporation of machine learning for energy usage optimization.
Adaptable compressors to minimize carbon footprint.
Harnessing energy recovery through hot water generated by the compressor.

Opting for HORIZON SYNCHRO through CRU AIR + GAS means choosing a path of superior efficiency and environmental responsibility. Connect with us at CRU AIR + GAS to discover how we can elevate your success with HORIZON high pressure oil free compressors. As an oil-free booster compressors supplier, we ensure your journey towards optimal performance and sustainability starts here, with our commitment to your success as the cornerstone of our service.

High Pressure Oil Free Compressor Range

m3/h cfm kW HP
HS500 524 308 90 125
HS650 647 381 110 150
HS800 812 478 132 180
HS1000 1003 590 160 220
HS1200 1275 750 200 270
HS1400 1378 811 250 340
HS1700 1715 1009 280 380
HS1900 1934 1138 315 425
HS2200 2149 1265 355 480
HS2500 2510 1477 400 545
HS2500 2510 1477 400 545
HS2800 2834 1668 450 610
HS3200 3105 1827 500 68

* Designed up to 40 bar. Catalogue data for 35 bar according to ISO 1217 / 50 Hz


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