BOGE Oil Flooded Booster Compressor

Booster Air Compressor: The Power Behind High-Pressure Operations

A high-pressure booster compressor system is a unique tool that increases the pressure of pre-compressed air within various industrial systems. It can magnify the output from a low-pressure compressor to produce significantly high-pressure compressed air. Generally, a standard booster pump can amplify pre-compressed air pressure up to 10 times its original value.

These high-pressure booster compressors are used in various applications where high-pressure gas is required. The principle of an air booster compressor involves taking in gas at a lower initial pressure and compressing it to a higher final pressure. This process is achieved through various mechanisms, such as piston, diaphragm, or rotary screw designs, depending on the specific requirements of the application.

Applications of a Oil Flooded Booster Air Compressor

PET bottle productionBooster air compressors supply the high-pressure air necessary for efficient PET bottle manufacturing.
Maintaining Die Cushion PressureAir booster compressors aid in maintaining consistent pressure in die cushions.
Enhancing Oil Recovery with Gas InjectionBooster is key in injecting compressed air into oil wells to improve productivity.
Improving torque in compact air toolsBoosters help increase torque in compact air tools.
Ensuring Optimal High-Pressure Tire PerformanceBooster air compressors help to optimize the pressure in high-pressure tires.

Why Choose CRU AIR + GAS's Oil-Flooded Booster Compressors?

CRU AIR + GAS offers high-quality oil-flooded air compressor catering to industries needing compressed air, such as oil and gas, transport pipelines, and food and beverage manufacturing.

Customized Air Booster Compressor Productivity: Our high-pressure booster compressors enhance productivity. They can multiply the entry pressure up to 10 times its initial value over three stages of pressure enhancement. This helps deliver the outlet pressure needed for your industrial application.

User-friendly Control Interface: Our air compressor boosters feature easy-to-understand and user-friendly control interfaces. Audible alarms and alerts notify operators of potential issues, enabling prompt interventions. Our information screens in booster air compressors provide a comprehensive overview of all operating parameters clearly and concisely.

Serviceability and Safety: Another key advantage of our air pressure booster compressor is its ease of service and outstanding safety profile. The team can troubleshoot and fix machinery issues promptly.

Skid-Mounted: Our air pressure boosters come with modifications for skid compatibility, allowing units to be transported securely and operated easily at the intended production sites.

CRU AIR + GAS is committed to delivering the highest quality compressed air systems. As a reliable Oil Flooded Booster Compressors supplier, we provide sturdy, efficient machines that can easily handle tough jobs. Our high-pressure booster compressors are all about power and productivity and ready to work for you.

No matter what you need — a high-pressure booster compressor machine that cleans the air, gives it a boost or handles heavy-duty tasks — CRU AIR + GAS is ready to help. Talk to us today, and let's work together for a more productive tomorrow.


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