Oil Mist Eliminators
  • Achieves the same high-efficiency filtration as conventional downstream filters with a service life of 10+ years
  • Pleated glass microfiber coalescing media is 99.97% efficient with particle removal down to 0.3 microns, including coalesced liquid water and oil
  • Typically located after an oil-lubricated compressor to provide optimum protection in the result of a catastrophic failure of the compressor’s air/oil separator
  • High efficiency and initial low-pressure drop of less than 0.5 psig means units are utility rebate-friendly due to pleated media design v. conventional wrapped elements
  • Heavy duty pressure vessel built per the latest edition of VIII Di 1 ASME Code with CRN approvals for all Provinces in Canada
  • External powder epoxy coated as standard, optional interior powder epoxy coating for corrosive environments
  • Zero air loss drain (shipped loose)
  • Serviceability without inlet & outlet disruption
  • automatic drain vent ports and safety valve ports included as standard
Compressed Air Filters
  • Double element O-ring prevents contaminant bypass
  • Stainless steel cylinders provide strength, rigidity & corrosion resistance
  • Spiral wound inner coil provides extra strength on larger elements
  • Deep bed filter media provides low differential pressure resulting in improved energy efficiency & long element life
  • Hydrophobic & oleophobic borosilicate glass microfiber media repels oil & water for improved coalescing performance
  • Anti-re-entrainment layer optimizes liquid drainage & minimizes differential pressure
  • Dead stop bowl feature provides full closure without overtightening
  • Ultrasonic seam welded ensures element strength & integrity
  • Optimized piston seal ensures zero leakage and ease of bowl removal during element replacement
  • Drop-fit, self-locating with no tie rod simplifies element change out & reduces access requirements for bowl removal
  • Corrosion resistant end caps are color-coded to provide easy & accurate filtration grade identification
  • Outer drainage layer is compatible with synthetic lubricants & prevents oil carryover
  • Comprehensive range of filter mounting accessories
Centrifugal Water Separators
  • Eliminate corrosion, damage to tools, and machinery downtime with efficient bulk water removal
  • Eliminate 99% of liquids in your compressed air or gas system improving your processes and reducing costly downtime
  • 16 models with connections from ¼” NPT to 4” flanged and rated flows from 25 to 3000 scfm
  • Perfectly suited for variable-speed compressors
  • Housing manufactured from die-cast aluminum and polyester powder coated for optimum corrosion protection for the most demanding applications

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