Optimizal Air Purity: Comprehensive Compressed Air Filter Solutions

Our comprehensive lineup of compressed air filter solutions is designed to meet the diverse needs of the industry, providing unmatched air purity and efficiency. CRU AIR + GAS is your trusted partner, an industrial air filter supplier and distributor dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and service.

Maximizing Efficiency with Oil Mist Eliminators

The Oil Mist Eliminators from CRU AIR + GAS offer a sustainable, high-efficiency filtration system that outperforms traditional options:

  • Advanced Filtration: Utilizes pleated glass microfiber media, ensuring 99.97% efficiency with particle removal down to 0.3 microns, including coalesced liquid water and oil.
  • Long Service Life: Achieves the same high-efficiency filtration as conventional downstream filters with a service life of 10+ years, providing continuous protection against oil and water contaminants.
  • Optimal Placement: Typically located after an oil-lubricated compressor to provide optimum protection in case of a catastrophic failure of the compressor’s air/oil separator.
  • Energy Efficient: High efficiency and initial low-pressure drop of less than 0.5 psig means units are utility rebate-friendly due to pleated media design v. conventional wrapped elements.
  • Robust Construction: Heavy duty pressure vessel built per the latest edition of VIII Di 1 ASME Code with CRN approvals for all Provinces in Canada.
  • Maintenance-Friendly: Designed for easy serviceability without disrupting inlet and outlet flow.
  • Other Features:
    • External powder epoxy coated as standard, optional interior powder epoxy coating for corrosive environments.
    • Zero air loss drain (shipped loose).
    • Automatic drain vent ports and safety valve ports are included as standard.

Ensure your operations run efficiently and safeguard against contamination with the industry-leading Oil Mist Eliminators from CRU AIR + GAS. Connect with us to learn more about our products and join the satisfied clients who trust us as their preferred oil mist eliminator supplier.

Air Quality Excellence: Trusted Industrial Air Filter Suppliers

Explore superior air quality with our state-of-the-art Compressed Air Filters. Each element is designed for efficiency and longevity, ensuring your operations are safeguarded from contaminants:

  • Seal of Quality: Double element O-ring prevents contaminant bypass.
  • Strength & Durability: Stainless steel cylinders provide strength, rigidity & corrosion resistance.
  • Enhanced Support: Spiral wound inner coil provides extra strength on larger elements.
  • Innovative Filter Media: Deep bed filter media provides low differential pressure, resulting in improved energy efficiency & long element life. Both hydrophobic and oleophobic borosilicate glass microfiber media repels oil and water for improved coalescing performance, while the anti-re-entrainment layer optimizes liquid drainage & minimizes differential pressure.
  • Effortless Maintenance: The dead-stop bowl feature allows for full closure without the risk of overtightening, and the ultrasonic seam welding ensures element strength & integrity.
  • Leak-Proof Performance: We’ve optimized the piston seal to guarantee zero leakage, enhancing the ease of bowl removal for element replacement.
  • Installation Simplicity: Our filters are drop-fit and self-locating, doing away with the need for a tie rod, simplifying element changes & reducing access requirements for bowl removal.
  • Color-Coded & Corrosion Resistant: Easily identify the filtration grade with color-coded, corrosion-resistant end caps.
  • Compatibility: The outer drainage layer is formulated to be compatible with synthetic lubricants and prevents oil carryover.
  • Accessory Variety: A comprehensive range of mounting accessories provides the flexibility your system requires.

Elevate your air systems to new cleanliness levels with our sophisticated filter solutions, brought to you by a trusted name among industrial air filter suppliers and distributors.

Superior Moisture Mitigation with Centrifugal Water Separators

Discover the exceptional moisture control solutions tailored for your compressed air systems, brought to you by CRU AIR + GAS, the industry's foremost centrifugal air water separator provider.

  • Unmatched Corrosion Control: Our Centrifugal Water Separators expertly remove bulk water, thwarting corrosion, safeguarding tools, and preventing machinery downtime, cementing our position as leading centrifugal air water separator providers.
  • Peak Performance, Minimal Downtime: By eliminating 99% of liquids from compressed air or gas systems, our separators bolster process efficiency and reduce costly interruptions.
  • Wide Selection to Match Your System: Choose from 16 models, with versatile connections ranging from ¼” NPT to 4” flanged and flow capacities spanning from 25 to 3000 scfm, underlining our flexibility as centrifugal air water separator providers.
  • Designed for Modern Compressor Demands: Optimally compatible with variable-speed compressors, our separators adapt to evolving industrial requirements.
  • Durability for Demanding Environments: The separators' housing, crafted from die-cast aluminum and coated with polyester powder, ensures maximum protection against corrosion, solidifying our commitment as trusted centrifugal air water separator providers for even the most rigorous applications.

Each element of our Centrifugal Water Separators is designed to meet the high standards expected by industry professionals, confirming our reputation as leading centrifugal air water separator providers. Choose our solutions for a streamlined, efficient, and reliable operation.

Discover Air Purity with CRU AIR + GAS

Experience unparalleled efficiency and air quality with CRU AIR + GAS's industry-leading compressed air solutions. From impeccable Oil Mist Eliminators to robust Compressed Air Filters and exceptional Centrifugal Water Separators, our products embody innovation and reliability. Partner with us and experience the dedication and quality assurance that sets us apart as the premier industrial air filter supplier and centrifugal air water separator provider.

Don't compromise on air purity. Connect with CRU AIR + GAS today to elevate your operations and join a growing community of satisfied professionals who demand nothing but the best.

Your quest for optimal air management ends here. With CRU AIR + GAS, superior air quality isn't just an expectation—it's a guarantee.


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