Air Compressor Rentals

If you need an air compressor to support your operations during certain times of the year, or suddenly need an air compressor ASAP to provide emergency support, CRU AIR + GAS inventories a wide range of equipment to keep you performing at your peak.

Looking for Air Compressor Rentals?

Air compressors help supply clean, dry compressed air for companies and manufacturers in various industries, including food, PET plastic containers, and more. We also offer Canada’s first and only used compressor airend warranty program.

Sometimes, your air compressor can fail, and you need an emergency backup to help you continue your operations. Whether you regularly need air compressor equipment or only during certain times of the year, you can choose to rent an air compressor unit instead of purchasing one.

With CRU AIR + GAS, you can rent an air compressor that helps you perform at your best whenever you need. Choose from our wide range of equipment to find one that matches what you are looking for. Our equipment rentals offer a wide range of capabilities to meet all your job site needs, regardless of where you are and what you need to get done.

We offer standard rental rates for all our air compressor equipment with no shift premiums for all our clients. No matter where you are and what you need to do, our support staff is always available to help you.

Why Rent Air Compressor Equipment?

You might already have air compressor equipment that you use. But what happens when one of the machines suddenly breaks down, or you need a little extra support? What if you only need an air compressor machine during certain times of the year and not all year round?

Air compressor equipment can be costly to own, especially when you factor in maintenance and repair costs and the cost of operating the machine. Air compressor rentals give you the option to supplement your existing equipment, replace a broken-down machine, or save money on the months you don’t need an air compressor.

When you rent an air compressor from a trusted source like CRU AIR + GAS, you know that every machine has been carefully maintained and examined before it reaches you.

How Big of an Air Compressor Do I Need?

That highly depends on what you need the air compressor equipment for. There’s no one size fits all machine that can do every type of job you might think of. Air compressor equipment comes in different sizes, shapes, and pressure levels.

For example, we have the oil-flooded rotary screw compressors that deliver up to 190 PSIG and the oil-flooded and oil-free PET compressors that deliver up to 580 PSIG. The size of the air compressor that you need depends on the job.

What Size Air Compressor Do I Need?

Industrial air compressor rentals come in all sorts of sizes. You can choose the size of air compressor you need based on the work you need it to do and the amount of air pressure you need your machine to deliver. You can select your rental compressor based on factors like:

  • Discharge Air Pressure – PSIG or BAR
  • Power – HP or kW
  • Air Flow – CFM



Reliable Emergency Compressor Rentals

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