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Industrial CO2 Compressor Solutions: Bridging Efficiency with Technological Mastery

Navigating the world of CO2 compression requires collaboration with experts, and CRU AIR + GAS has partnered with a stalwart in the domain. ABC, a compressor brand with an unmatched reputation, has seamlessly integrated its expertise with our technical prowess. This alliance ensures that when you opt for an industrial CO2 compressor from CRU AIR + GAS, you choose a legacy of innovation and precision cultivated by both brands.

ABC's Pioneering Journey in High-Pressure CO2 Compressor Production

Embarking on its journey in the 1970s, ABC has emerged as a beacon in the CO2 industry. Their dedication to crafting specialized solutions, from CO2 recovery systems for breweries to diverse applications for leading gas producers, is unparalleled. CRU AIR + GAS is positioned to deliver tailor-made compressor solutions thanks to our strategic alliance with ABC. Our collaboration promises excellence at every touchpoint for turnkey solutions with a premiere CO2 gas compressor and its electric cabinet on the skid or a standalone industrial CO2 compressor for your unique needs.

The Features That Drive Our Promise:

1. Unwavering Efficiency: ABC's CO2 compressors, now an integral part of CRU AIR + GAS offerings, feature horizontally opposed cylinders, ensuring minimal vibrations and an extended lifespan for all mechanical components. This design ensures over two decades of machine functionality without needing specialized foundations.

The co2 gas compressors boast a remarkable adaptation to frequency converters up to 55%, feature double-acting mechanisms, and come equipped with refrigeration and inter and final coolers.

2. The Essence of Modularity: Maintenance becomes cost-effective and hassle-free with 100% interchangeable parts, making it an attractive proposition for CO2 compressor suppliers.

3. An Oil-Free Assurance: The CO2 compressors guarantee an oil-free operation. Designed to manage saturated gas, these compressors ensure the longevity of each component, making them a prime choice for carbon dioxide compressor requirements. The double-acting cylinders allow the compressors to operate using gas or air. Additionally, there's a flip-flop operation option for enhanced flexibility.

4. Precision in Regulation: The compressors are synonymous with versatility and superior energy consumption adjustments, offering a wide range of capabilities, from 0% to 100%.

5. Harnessing the Power of Variable Speed Drive: Specially engineered to work seamlessly with variable speed drives (VSD), the compressors optimize energy consumption while ensuring optimal mechanical and electrical working conditions. The compressor sets, meticulously crafted for installations with more minor flow requirements, can generate up to 600 kg/h. These units are born from a cost-conscious design that not only occupies a minimal footprint—making them perfect for integration into self-contained packages—but also boasts simplicity in their interconnection process.

With an emphasis on high energy efficiency, these compressors feature a V-type cylinder arrangement and operate on a single-acting mechanism. Their design encompasses three compression stages, ensuring optimal performance and operation at reduced temperatures. Buyers have the choice between air or water-cooled inter and after-coolers. These units offer a flexible 0-100% regulation, are equipped with large passage surface valves, and the gas and lubrication circuits are fashioned from stainless steel for added durability.

CRU AIR + GAS and ABC: A Collaboration Redefining CO2 Compression

Recognized across the B2B spectrum, CRU AIR + GAS stands tall as a leader in CO2 compressor installations, a reputation built on commitment and innovation. As a revered CO2 Compressors supplier, we are committed to understanding the intricacies of CO2 compression. From high-pressure CO2 compressors to co2 reciprocating compressors, our range is expansive.

With an unwavering emphasis on energy efficiency, streamlined design, and a rich heritage of craftsmanship, we invite businesses in search of premier CO2 recovery systems and compressors to partner with CRU AIR + GAS. Our dedicated team of CO2 compressor installers and experts are poised to tailor solutions to your unique needs, ensuring your operations soar to new heights of precision and efficiency. Partner with CRU AIR + GAS today to elevate your CO2 compression solutions!


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