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Since the early ’70s, ABC has manufactured a wide range of CO2 compressors: from CO2 recovery for breweries to various applications for gas producers. In close cooperation with engineering companies, ABC compressors are customized according to the project requirements, delivering complete units: compressor and electric cabinet on skid or bare compressors to be packaged by the engineering company responsible for the turn-key system.

Efficient Design

 Cylinders are horizontally opposed, with crankpins displaced by 180º, canceling the inertia loads.
 Virtually without vibrations.
 Longer life of mechanical parts as they do not transmit excessive force or produce fatigue on structural parts of the compressor, 20 years machine lifetime.
 No anti-vibration pads or special foundations are required, + 2kg/cm2.
 Excellent adaptation to frequency converter up to 55%.
 Double acting.
 Refrigeration / Inter and final coolers.

Modular Design

100% Interchangeable Parts

ABC CO2 compressors are designed using interchangeable cylinders. Thanks to that, ABC compressors share the same spare parts, allowing cost-effective and easy maintenance.

Oil-Free And Corrosion Proof

ABC compressors are oil-free thanks to long blocks between the casing and cylinders: the cylinder side chamber is large enough to prevent the piston rod part in contact with the mechanical elements could get in contact with the packing. An oil thrower at the rod controls the oil to advance along the piston rod.

CO2 range is prepared to compress saturated Gas. The gas circuit, condensates separators, and heat exchangers are in stainless steel, avoiding corrosion and providing longer life to parts.


0-50-100% Step Regulation Provides Half Of The Nominal Flow

 Thanks to all the double-acting cylinders.
 By using either Gas or air.
 Remarkable energy consumption adjustment.
 0-25-50-75-100% regulation possibility.
 Flip-flop operation option.

Variable Speed Drive

 Avoids the starting intensity peaks.
 Perfect energy consumption adjustment.
 Reduces the CO2 balloon size requirements.
 ABC compressors take full advantage of the VSD, as the rotational speed can be reduced to half.

Operation With VSD Provides Double Benefits:

 Optimizing the energy consumption when the compressor is not at its total capacity while improving the mechanical and electrical working conditions. It can be retrofitted at a later date.

Compressor Sets Specifically Developed For Smaller Flows Installations, Producing Up To 600 kg/h

 Cost-aware conception.
 Requires reduced footprint, suitable for being integrated with self-contained packages.
 Compact and simple to be interconnected.
 High energy efficiency.
 V-type cylinder arrangement.
 Single-acting operation.
 Three compression stages for better performance and low-temperature operation.
 Either air or water cooled inter and after coolers.
 0-100% regulation.
 Large passage surface valves.
 Gas and lubricating circuits in stainless steel.

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