entrifugal compressors

SM/SM100 Series Oil-free Centrifugal Air Compressors

Energy Saving Inlet Guide Vane

 Precise control of airflow by efficient inlet air control.
 Reduction of power consumption through partial load control.
 Low-pressure loss with airfoil-profiled vanes.

State-of-the-art 5-axis Machined Impeller

 Precisely balanced and designed for stability and high efficiency.
 Wide operational flexibility with a turndown ratio of 30-40%.
 115% over-speed spin test to guarantee reliability.
 SUS impellers for extended life cycle with low vibration and low noise.

Long-life Thrust Bearings

 Tilting pad journal bearings applied on pinion gears offer reliable operation and almost permanent life without replacement.
 Low friction loss sleeve journal and taper landed thrust bearings are applied on the bull gear.

Precision Bull Gear And Pinions

 High precision gear system provides long-life time, low vibration, and low noise.
 Taper land bearings effectively support axial loads delivered from pinion gears that improve stability of rotation and efficiency.
 Easy inspection of gear system without stage disassembly.

Leak-free Oil/Gas Seals

 Supplies 100% oil-free air per ISO 8573-1 class zero for minimizing loss from downtime.
 four stages of sealing that satisfy API specification.
 Split structure for easy check and maintenance.

Durable Coolers

 Water-in-tube inter & aftercooler bundles allow simple maintenance and easy cleaning.
 Corrosion / erosion-resistant material applied to protect damage of other components.
 Minimizing pressure drop by optimized airflow.

Simple and Neat Package

 Complete full package for plug & run provides easy and low-cost installation.
 Full enclosure is applicable for a clean appearance and quiet operation, which creates a comfortable work environment.
 Minimizing maintenance costs by simple structure.

Leak-free Lubrication System

 Minimum air leakage reduces losses and increases overall efficiency.
 Leakproof gearbox prevents impurities from entering the process.
 Complete lubrication system package (Including Oil reservoir, Auxiliary oil pump, Oil heater, and Oil demister).

Maintenance Friendly Gearbox

 Easy maintenance by horizontally split structure.
 Minimum cost for inspection and maintenance.

Leak-free Lubrication System

 Highly efficient package saves energy.
 Custom motors are available reflecting client requirements (option).

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