Process optimization

In the stretch blow molding industry, delivering high-quality products is key to your success. 

Managing the quality and operations of your PET stretch blow molding converters is critical to delivering the best products. It’s an investment that will reflect in your reputation with your customers (bottlers) and the consumers who use your products.

At CRU, we’re experts in PET solutions. We believe your first line of defense is to establish a stretch blow molding process that is controlled, sustainable, and delivers statistically proven results. Our process helps you create high-quality products and minimize the occurrence of defective products.

With CRU’s specialized quality control process, you can be confident your equipment and processes will be reliable and generate high-quality products.

CRU’s Strategic Approach to Quality Control

CRU offers a comprehensive service for stretch blow molding industries — from bottle development, to processing, to overall system and auxiliary optimization. We provide support for all stretch blow molding systems, including legacy products.

For each project, CRU provides a tailored analysis and approach to meet your needs. Our process includes setting up a closed-loop system to follow up with production. Our strategic approach is proactive and preventive.


The Scope of CRU’s Methodology

CRU’s methodology includes a comprehensive approach to assessing your stretch blow molding systems and processes. Let’s look at the steps we take to help you achieve superior quality control.

Step 1: Set up process targets, limits, and critical control points

After doing a complete analysis for all attributes of the stretch blow molding process, we start to outline the main factors and variables affecting the process and the product/bottle. We then work with you to identify the quality attributes and critical points to monitor during the production.

CRU QC flowchart

Step 2: Process optimization


Step 3: Run tests using CRU’s portable PET lab

CRU’s portable PET lab makes it possible for us to precisely measure all the attributes needed to get a thorough understanding of your processes. 

We bring CRU’s PET lab to you with all the equipment needed to conduct the following tests:

  1. Hot wire for section weight analysis
  2. Thermal IR analysis
  3. External digital caliper 
  4. Precise diameter measuring
  5. Digital thickness measurements
  6. Fill level and overflow measurements
  7. Preforms cutter
  8. Base clearance gauge
  9. Top load tester (availability depends on location/shipment) 

CRU is the only PET solutions company with a portable qualification lab. Our portable PET lab is one of many ways we meet our promise to deliver efficiency you can count on.

Step 4: Analyze data

We use detailed cause-and-effect diagrams to evaluate and analyze the root causes of issues. This helps us to determine the best solutions to those issues.

Step 5: Statistical process control

Statistical process control is an effective way to bring more control to your production process. CRU tailors this proactive and preventive quality control strategy to your specifications and applications. This approach guarantees stability with a controlled and predictable process behavior. 

Statistical process control has significant benefits for your operation:

  • You can act before a defect happens. 
  • You minimize production costs by reducing scrap rate.
  • You increase your overall operational efficiency.

Achieve Maximum System Efficiency and Sustainability

CRU takes stretch blow molding service to the next level. Through our Holistic Compressed Air Audit program, we analyze the power and air consumption for high- and low-pressure systems and offer solutions to achieve maximum system efficiency.

This audit program provides a thorough analysis of your plant’s energy footprint. We can then produce multiple simulations of potential reconfigurations or upgrades of your equipment and uses to benefit the overall energy use.

A Holistic Compressed Air Audit can produce an increase in savings of up to 20% over the standard, out-of-the-box, plug-and-play audit hardware that is connected to your compressor system. This is an excellent way to reach your sustainability goals quickly!

Protect Your System with CRU’s Maintenance Services

CRU offers preventive and proactive maintenance service, including active audits, for your stretch blow molding system. Our services are designed to meet your needs. 

You’re in good hands with CRU’s certified technicians who will support you for unplanned and planned service. With access to service 24 hours/day, every day, problems can be addressed right away.

Ready to Achieve Superior Quality Control?

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