When it comes to choosing a PET compressor, you may find it challenging to compare your options. Did you know there’s one that outperforms the others on operating costs and total cost of ownership? Would it surprise you to learn that the best PET compressor in the market can save you money?

HORIZON SYNCHRO from ABC Compressors delivers leading-edge technology that helps you run more efficiently and sustainably. When you choose HORIZON SYNCHRO, you get the best technology in the market — and features you won’t get with other compressors. ABC Compressors has been a leader in the compressor industry since 1943.

Let’s look at why you should consider a HORIZON SYNCHRO compressor for your operations.

Three Key Reasons to Choose ABC HORIZON SYNCHRO

1. Efficiency — Innovation that delivers the best performance

Variable-speed drive 
-Standard on every Horizon Synchro compressor
-Idling is eliminated, so you’ll get the highest part-load efficiency.
-You’ll always be operating at 100% efficiency — even when running at 50% capacity.
Synchronous motor
-Motor speed = compressor speed
-With a 100% direct coupled motor, you’ll have no transmissions losses and the best IE5 efficiency.
-You’ll also get the fastest shaft alignment with longer duration.
Direct coupled permanent magnet motorElectrical losses are reduced by 20%, so you’ll get the best efficiency ratio in the market (kWh/Nm3).

The first PET synchronous compressor delivers energy savings

ABC Compressors’ HORIZON SYNCHRO is the first PET synchronous compressor — and the first      compressor to eliminate idling. 

This leading-edge technology will pay you back within two years.

CRU Graph
Average 30% energy saving when regulating
Up to 82% energy saving when idling times
Average payback within 2 years
Absence of intensity starting peaks: starting = nominal intensity
Minimizes pressure fluctuation when regulating

2. Reliability — Superior design and lifetime mechanical warranty

-The highest design standards, robust research and development, and strict quality standards-You know you’re getting the best technology from a leader in the industry.
-Longest service cycle in the market (every 8,000 hours)-You’ll experience fewer work disruptions due to worn parts and maintenance — and you’ll have lower maintenance costs.
-Lifetime mechanical warranty -You get peace of mind knowing your investment has excellent protection.

You can count on ABC Compressors to make things easier for you. Designs that are easier to install and maintain, interchangeable parts, simple installation, and quick maintenance are a few more ways ABC delivers superior design.

3. Cost savings and a lower environmental footprint

When you choose HORIZON SYNCHRO, you get design that’s focused on efficiency. ABC Compressors has a solid reputation for its commitment to developing reliable energy saving solutions. 

ABC Compressors estimates that over 10 years, 80% of the total cost of a compressor comes from energy consumption.

cost of owning a pet compressor

When developing the HORIZON SYNCHRO compressor, eliminating idling times was ABC’s main goal. They also focused on reducing energy consumption by using leading-edge technology like variable speed drive and permanent magnet motors. 

These innovations will help your company reduce its energy consumption and costs. Your HORIZON SYNCHRO compressor will also help your company improve its environmental footprint. 

After doing over 100 energy audits, ABC proudly claims to make the most efficient compressors in the market with an average energy savings of 18%. Consider the difference those savings could make to your company!

Other PET Compressors Don’t Measure Up to HORIZON SYNCHRO

Only ABC delivers compressor innovation that helps you run more efficiently and sustainably. When you choose ABC’s HORIZON SYNCHRO, you get the best technology in the market — and features you won’t find in other PET compressors.

ABC Horizon SynchroCompetitors’ Compressors
Variable Speed drive (VSD)
Synchronous Motor
Direct coupled permanent magnet motor

Why Choose CRU for Your PET Compressors?

Knowledgeable, Reliable Service

When you work with CRU AIR + GAS, you’ll quickly realize our focus is on a holistic approach to your system. You can rest assured that when you trust CRU AIR + GAS with your business, you will have a partner ready to respond quickly. You’re in good hands with CRU’s certified technicians who will support you for unplanned and planned service. Our skilled, in-house technical team supports the operation of all our products in your facility around the clock. 

In addition to product support, we can strengthen your sustainability initiatives with our in-house auditing team consisting of two professional engineers, a certified energy manager, and a certified energy auditor.

Ready to Get Better Efficiency and Save Money?

Let’s connect.

Learn more about ABC’s HORIZON SYNCHRO by visiting our website or connecting with us to receive a free assessment

We look forward to helping you achieve the best possible manufacturing process. You can rely on us to deliver what we promise: efficiency you can count on.


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