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PET Power Containers, a Canadian manufacturer of PET plastic containers.


PET Power Containers wanted to expand its 24/7 manufacturing capabilities with additional blowmoulding equipment. Since compressed air is a key component of their manufacturing processes, PET Power contacted CRU AIR + GAS to conduct a thorough audit in order to accurately assess the facility’s current compressed air system and its ability to handle the expanded compressed air needs.


CRU AIR + GAS inspected the compressed air system at PET Power Containers using both supply and demand analysis methods. During the audit project, we found that the plant’s two reciprocating air compressors were running inefficiently. Additional issues were found within the facility’s piping and drains, resulting in large amounts of moisture build-up and the need for manual draining. Thanks to the detailed audit by CRU AIR + GAS, PET Power not only learned that the existing system was clearly unable to accommodate the planned plant expansion, but they also gained expert advice into the most cost effective ways to improve production efficiency and the ideal air compressor expansion options for their facility.


PET Power Containers RETROFIT system consisted of the following equipment:

  • A new three-stage, oil-free, variable speed drive reciprocating air compressor, designed specifically for PET blowmolding applications.
  • A new 1000 cfm cycling refrigerated air dryer to replace the two older air dryers.
  • New zero air-loss drains to remove all moisture while eliminating compressed air discharge when purging.

CRU AIR + GAS was also able to reduce system pressure to the lowest possible target pressure, plus repair leaks found in the compressed air pipe distribution system for a further reduction 15 to 20 cfm.

[The new air compressor] is capable of running more blow molders, so we can grow. At the moment, it’s running just over 60 percent on our current machines. We can comfortably put in a few more blow-molding machines and keep running with the same equipment.

Paul Saltz
Vice President, PET Power Containers