Kingspan Insulated Panels, an Ireland headquartered manufacturer of architectural panels with more than 100 facilities in 60 countries.


Kingspan’s Bolton facility was being powered by a rental diesel screw compressor combined with two smaller modulation compressors. With plans to expand, Kingspan’s Engineering Team worked with CRU AIR + GAS to quantify the amount of CFM required to power their existing operations while at the same time determining the most efficient way to produce and use compressed air as the plant continued to expand.


CRU AIR + GAS carried out a Holistic Compressed Air Audit where actual CFM, true RMS power and pressure gradient across the air treatment and to the end of the plant was measured and logged for a typical production week. An idle load test was carried out during downtime to determine the amount of compressed air and power being consumed when the plant was not manufacturing product. This helped to qualify what – if any – repairs were required to the piping network. The cost to operate the diesel compressor including diesel fuel and rental charges was also taken into account when determining the baseline operating costs for the plant.


Kingspan’s Save ON Energy RETROFIT system was a BOGE in a BOX turnkey system. This included a new BOGE S 132-4LF 180HP, oil flooded, rotary screw compressor with variable speed drive control for the main motor and fan motor. Additionally an oil mist eliminator, BOGE cycling refrigerated air dryer and large dry tank were installed with all components located in a container outside the plant. The only item installed in the plant was the large dry tank. All condensate was extracted from the system with ASP ACCU DRAINS. Finally and AIRMATICS cloud compressor monitoring system was installed to allow the Engineering Team at Kingspan and CRU AIR + GAS to monitor the system 24/7/365.