Chalmers Suspensions International Inc., a Canadian manufacturer of superior truck suspension systems.


Chalmers Suspensions International Inc. had a compressed air system that had reached the end of its lifecycle. Looking to optimize their energy efficiency, they decided to explore options to upgrade their system. With a requirement for three quotes, Chalmers contacted two compressor OEMs and CRU AIR + GAS to review their system and bid on the project. Both OEMs recommended a variable speed drive (VSD) compressor that would be installed in the existing compressor room. However CRU AIR + GAS recommended an alternative.

Using a holistic approach to evaluating their existing supply and demand system, our CRU AIR + GAS team observed that the plant carried out welding in high volumes. Any metal dust could pose a danger to any new VSD compressor that would be in the plant as there was a possibility of shorting the drive. Using this critical information, CRU AIR + GAS recommended a BOGE in a BOX container system. After careful consideration of all the systems, Chalmers Suspensions International Inc. agreed with CRU AIR + GAS’s recommendations and decided to proceed with the acquisition of a BOGE in a BOX system.


As their compressed air system consisted of a primary compressor that was 50hp, CRU AIR + GAS recommended not pursuing a compressed air audit. The Save On Energy Program has a “Prescriptive” stream of RETROFIT projects that do not require an air audit. Compressors up to 75HP that are being replaced with a compressor that is VSD controlled qualify for an incentive of $100/hp as long as the new compressor is the same size as the old one.


Chalmers Suspensions International’s RETROFIT system consisted of the following equipment:

  • BOGE SLF 51-­‐3 Oil Flooded Rotary Screw Compressor
  • Purestream ACT 300 Refrigerated Air Dyer
  • Pre and post filtration
  • 400 gallon vertical tank
  • BOGE in a BOX plug and play container system including the supply of all piping, electrical and ducting requirements

Clients Say

“With CRU AIR + GAS’ help, we were not only able to operate year-round without any lost production time, but could start planning for a move towards optimizing our compressor system to maximize its energy efficiency.”
VP – Maintenance Planner
“[CRU AIR + GAS’] technicians are knowledgeable and available 24/7. Response times are less than an hour even in the middle of the night.”
HS – Maintenance Manager
“CRU AIR + GAS proposed a BOGE SLF 51-3 variable speed drive compressor project. When our LDC’s 3rd party reviewer tried to reduce our Save ON Energy Incentive, CRU AIR + GAS was relentless in arguing the case for the original estimated incentive. In the end, we secured a LARGER incentive than originally estimated. We couldn’t be happier with the final result!”
PL – Plant Manager
“[CRU AIR + GAS] don’t just come in and change spare parts when doing PM service. They examine the entire compressor system and make suggestions they feel will benefit our compressors in the long run. We highly recommend the CRU AIR + GAS team to any company looking for a trustworthy and knowledgeable compressed air service provider.”
RZ – Maintenance Manager
[CRU AIR + GAS’] local approach to the compressor industry provides us with fast, efficient service when we most need it, and their PM department ensures that our maintenance staff is made aware of upcoming service requirements for proper maintenance planning
JD – Corporate Engineer
“For almost 15 years, CRU AIR + GAS has been our primary compressed air service provider… they balance their focus on efficient compressed air production with our demanding production requirements.”
RC – Maintenance Supervisor
“With the only CEM, CEA, and Qualified AIRMASTER+ Specialist in Ontario, CRU AIR + GAS’ compressed air auditing was comprehensive and easy to understand. Our expectations were high and we were not disappointed!”
TS – Operations Manager

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