Selco is Brazil’s Leader in technology and expertise in oil-free reciprocating compressor solutions. For over 30 years, Selco has provided customized, unique solutions to the reciprocating air and gas compressor industry worldwide. With a 43,000 sq ft manufacturing facility housing more than 160 employees in Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil, Selco remains 100% family owned and is ISO 9001 certified.


Why Selco?

Selco valves are recognized for their performance and reliability across many industries. They are resistant to high temperatures and pressures, as well as to different acidity and humidity conditions.

Selco is proficient in valve-performing calculations. The computer study of the valve dynamics aims to optimize the valve sealing element motion during the opening and closing phase. The mathematical models take into account several factors necessary to assess valve element motion, impact, and efficiency, thus providing diagrams of pressure-volume, load and power losses, capacity, opening/closing impact velocities, isentropic and volumetric efficiencies. The efficiency of every valve under different compressor operational conditions is anticipated during its project development.

Valve projects consider an ample array of last-generation thermoplastics and special steels. Selco’s portfolio of exclusive projects includes Sc-Disc, Sc-Convex, Sc-Plus, Sc-Convert, Sc-Modular, Sc-VR, and Sc-Trust. The company also supplies any existing valve models.

Piston Rings

Reciprocating compressors use Piston Rings to seal the gas inside their compression chamber. These components are critical and subjected to harsh enviroments requiring high performance and a long lifespan. This is essential to the compressor performance. Rider Rings guide and support the the piston weight movement inside the cylinder. They are essential components since project errors may cause piston wear onto the cylinder liner, damaging the compressor.

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