Cypet Technologies

In 2005, Constantinos Sideris conceived a new, innovative method to produce plastic (PET) bottles and jars. M. Sideris & Son Ltd, a family business established in Cyprus in 1968, started a project to patent, develop and commercialize the technology. Patents were issued, covering the technology globally, and a prototype machine was built, proving, and testing the technology.

CYPET Technologies Limited was founded in 2013, during the final stages of technology prove-out, entering the plastics machinery market in 2014. CYPET has received orders for 27 machines with molds from 14 countries on all five continents for producing PET containers ranging in sizes from 20 ml miniature bottles to 120-liter drums (the world’s biggest PET container), shown in the photograph below.

Intellectual Property

CYPET has continued innovating beyond its original patent for the single stage processing method, building a portfolio of intellectual property assets that will help future company growth. These assets are listed below:

Patents issued:
  1. Single-stage PET process (our current main product)
  2. PET performs production method with improved post-cooling
  3. Integrated handles for PET bottles and method of production
Patents pending:
  1. Beer keg with integrated handles and chimes
  2. Pressure relief valve with extension rather than compression spring
Product design registrations:
  1. Rigid integrated handles on PET containers
  2. Water dispenser bottle with built-in handle
  3. PET-in-Box packaging

Unique Applications:

In addition to producing standard PET bottles and jars, CYPET machines can produce special containers that other PET processing machines cannot. Examples of such “world’s first” containers, designed by CYPET to promote sales of its machines, are the following:

  • CYPET developed the ZEG, a patent-pending stackable beer keg with incorporated handles and a patent-pending pressure relief valve. These patent pending features make the ZEG the safest and most economical plastic beer keg on the market
  • A 5-gallon returnable water dispenser bottle with a unique incorporated handle for production only on CYPET machines
  • The world’s first “PET-in-Box” packaging for edible oil has been developed by CYPET and is now in production on a CYPET machine
  • The world’s first transparent PET crate for fruit and vegetables, with a 570 x 370 mm rectangular opening and 60 Litres capacity, has been successfully produced on a CYPET machine, the only machine capable of making such a product
  • By far the biggest PET container globally is the transparent 120 Litre drum with a 400 mm neck diameter, produced on a CYPET machine

The CYPET Difference

The patented CYPET process covers the machine and the moulds for the production of PET containers. CYPET offers complete single-stage PET processing systems, consisting of one of CYPET’s machine models, a set of moulds, and the processing conditions required to provide a good quality PET container. Although the machine models are standardized, the moulds are customized for each container design needed by the customer. All systems are tested in-house in full production before delivery to the customers.

Current Operations

CYPET operates out of its own 1,600 square-meter building just outside Nicosia in Cyprus, with easy access to the main seaport at Limassol and the main airport at Larnaca. The freight cost for importing materials and exporting machines is minimal compared to the value of the CYPET systems, so the location in Cyprus does not present any logistics disadvantage for international deliveries. On the contrary, it offers a European Union operating environment as Cyprus is a full member of the EU.

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