Headquartered in the German city of Bielefeld, BOGE is a family-run firm that combines the principle of dynamic growth with the customer-oriented values of a medium-sized company. Our goal for the future is to continue employing sustainable, long-term strategies and acting as an always-accessible point of contact for our customers. BOGE stands for intelligent engineering, forward-thinking solutions, and quality, custom-made in Germany.

The Air to Work

Our highly skilled employees – around 700 – give their best daily to make BOGE Air available anytime and place. A dense network of subsidiary companies, service, and sales partners supports us in achieving our most important goal: the satisfaction of our customers. Together, we do all we can to enthuse our customers! BOGE Air is the air to work with.

BOGE Stands for Safety

BOGE is well aware of its customers’ challenges – we’ve been solving them for over 110 years. As one of the world’s most experienced compressed air specialists, we design, develop, install and maintain quality compressed air systems. These systems are relied on by more than 100,000 users worldwide.

BOGE’s name features heavily wherever our customers rely on the safe and efficient provision of compressed air. We have played a decisive role in shaping the global emergence of compressed air as an essential energy source: from mining to car production, the health industry to the food industry, and energy giants to the local garage. More than 100,000 users in over 120 countries trust BOGE’s compressed air system solutions.

BOGE Stands for Efficiency

Energy costs are a vital factor in company balance sheets. BOGE develops compressed air systems with optimal efficiency values and works with customers to optimize processes and cut energy costs.

The careful management of finite resources is an economic necessity and the responsibility of society as a whole. BOGE is well prepared to deal with the rising energy costs of our customers and the ecological challenges of our time, with solutions designed for maximum efficiency and sustainable use of raw materials.

Efficiency is a significant consideration when beginning the development of new products or the further development of existing ones. BOGE compressors are characterized by their compact design. Minimal flow loss, maximum performance, intelligent control, and frequency-controlled equipment ensure optimal energy efficiency.

From the outset, we rely on the best advice available: our experts precisely analyze the compressed air demand and the quality requirements of our customers and tailor all components to match. Our modular compressor program helps us design individually optimized compressed air systems for every field of use.

BOGE ensures that all equipment works consistently in as economical a way as possible: AIReport and leakage measurements are reliable at uncovering the potential for optimization. Our heat recovery concepts allow users to use the heat energy generated by the compressor – to warm domestic water, for example. Potential savings of up to 30 percent are not uncommon.

BOGE Stands for Flexibility

Individual usage situations require unique solutions. At BOGE, customers find a complete range of machinery with numerous modular expansion options – for tailored system solutions in every field.

Comprehensive product range – flexible components: BOGE compressed air systems, including the BOGE screw compressor, offer the optimal solution for every field of use.

We draw from our complete range of piston and BOGE screw compressors, compressed air treatment equipment, and controls to assemble complete systems optimally tailored to our customers’ specific requirements.

Equipment manufacturers and manufacturing firms value BOGE’s competence in designing, developing, and installing extensive and specialized equipment – from temporary and integrated components to complete solutions for long-term use, including the highly efficient BOGE air compressor.

At BOGE, users with particular demands regarding their compressed air quality will find innovative compressors for oil-free compressed air. BOGE offers options such as variable container sizes and special dryers as standard. Every equipment series can be adjusted concerning its delivery quantities and pressure.

Frequency control and modern control and monitoring equipment transform simple compressors into compressed air systems of the highest efficiency. BOGE compressed air systems also offer tailor-made solutions for the treatment and distribution of compressed air and systems for heat recovery.

We are a full-service provider for all users. Wherever you find BOGE, you’ll find compressed air – custom-tailored and individually optimized.

BOGE Stands for Quality

Compressed air systems have to function reliably –BOGE is built from the best materials, high-quality workmanship, and intelligent German engineering.

Since its inception, BOGE compressed air systems have stood for uncompromising standards of quality, from the development stage to the manufacturing and servicing finished products. Our entire employee base is committed to this philosophy.

BOGE compressed air systems boast excellent standards of reliability built on a foundation of first-class raw materials and products from certified suppliers. BOGE quality begins with the prototype. Durability tests under extreme conditions confirm its readiness for the market – only when it’s passed them can a product enter serial production. Intelligent engineering maximizes the service life of our machines and minimizes their maintenance requirements.

Experienced quality officers see that the entire production process is seamlessly monitored. Not a single BOGE product leaves the Bielefeld workshop without first undergoing a final, personal inspection in accordance with strict test protocol. A full-time quality manager ensures that products and processes satisfy BOGE’s high standards of quality – without exception.

BOGE original parts and proper maintenance by certified service technicians all over the world increase the lifespan of the compressor and the safety of the compressed air supply. In addition, our efficiency specialists ensure the ongoing optimization of processes at the site of use for users everywhere to enjoy years of tangible benefits from their premium-quality BOGE-made product.

BOGE Stands for Service

Our customers want to focus on their core business activities, not their compressed air supply. The flexible BOGE service allows customers to decide how much support they want, from maintenance and lifetime guarantees to complete operation.

BOGE compressors and compressed air systems are made to fulfill their purpose reliably – over many years and countless hours of operation. That’s why we believe that premium products should also be accompanied by first-class service, whether assistance with technical issues or custom-tailored service agreements for maintenance, inspections, or repairs.

A global network of service centers and spare parts stores guarantees that whatever is needed never takes long to get there. The short lines of communication in our family business mean that our customers can always reach a personal point of contact for their concerns – and that our service is consistently rated as excellent. To avoid an interruption to business in emergencies, we are available to always respond quickly and flexibly to our customers: the BOGE Helpline is operated 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

BOGE seminars transform users into compressed air professionals, teaching them how to handle their systems competently and professionally. BOGE shops (for spare parts and used machines) and the download portal myBOGE are also available for users. We look forward to seeing you soon!

For personalized assistance and expert advice on BOGE compressed air systems, contact the CRU AIR + GAS team – we're committed to optimizing your operations with our innovative, reliable systems.

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