Air compressor service Niagara


To ensure the highest level of efficiency and productivity, having the latest industrial air compressor machines in your manufacturing facility, workshop, or auto shop is critical. However, as we all know, even the highest quality air compressors require good warranty policies and regular maintenance.

That’s where CRU AIR + GAS comes in. We are the leading compressed air service and sales provider for the industrial community in Ontario. We specialize in air compressor installation and repair and offer the only used compressor airend warranty program in the country. Our top priority is providing professional, high-quality maintenance of air compressors to our Niagara clients.

For this reason, CRU AIR + GAS in Niagara provides clients with reliable on-call service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our dedicated customer support team is always available to take your calls.


We are the leading air compressor installation and servicing company in Niagara, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. Unlike our competitors, CRU AIR + GAS provides 24/7 customer support and responsive energy-centered preventative and predictive maintenance services. 

From the moment you contact us, you’ll be connected with a live phone operator and will quickly discover just how knowledgeable our team is about all types of compressed air system components. 

Further, CRU AIR + GAS is also a member of the Compressed Air Service Network for the province of Ontario. This means that you’ll always have the support you need from a certified air compressor service representative, whether you’re located in Barrie or Niagara.  


One of the most efficient ways of lowering your operating costs while boosting productivity is through a full compressed air audit. Thankfully, the CRU AIR + GAS team includes Ontario’s only CEM, CEA, and AIRMASTER+ Qualified Specialist, who has the necessary expertise to identify a wide range of efficiencies and inefficiencies with your current air compressor machine. Our audits are comprehensive in nature, analyzing the complete system from top to bottom. 


Our experienced airend overhaul technicians have a reputation for providing impeccable servicing and repair on all makes and models of oil-flooded airends. Plus, every airend includes a conditional 2-year warranty. 

Some of our services include:

  • Repair rotors and end plate
  • Replace or repair sealing strip
  • Overhaul the oil pump
  • Balance rotors
  • Keyway repair
  • New gaskets, bearings, and o-rings

At the end of the day, choosing CRU AIR + GAS for the servicing of your Niagara air compressor offers plenty of benefits, from saving you money to improving productivity. For more information, contact the CRU AIR + GAS Niagara Service Team by calling 1-833-353-9256 or using the form on our Contact page.

For all inquiries, or to receive a free quote on our air compressor services, you can contact the CRU AIR + GAS Service Team online or by phone. Give us a call any time at 1-833-353-9256, or complete the form on our Contact page and a CRU AIR + GAS Service Team member will respond promptly.