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Top 3 Priorities for Spring Maintenance

March 8, 2021

Spring has arrived and along with the weather change comes some important things that all compressor maintenance leaders should look at to ensure reliable and efficient operation.

Here are the top 3 things you should check on your compressed air system this spring to ensure your compressor system runs efficiently and reliably:

  1. DUST OFF SYSTEM COMPONENTS – during the winter months, the ambient temperature in your plant is going to be cold. With the majority of rotary screw compressors being air cooled, this means that even if your compressor is running a little hotter than normal you will have additional buffer space that will allow your compressor to continue to run in an acceptable temperature range. With arrival of the spring, that buffer will be gone. Make sure that if you’re using filtermats on your incoming air, you clean them off or replace. If you have a summer/winter position ducting system those slide in filters get cleaned as well and dampers are set to the summer position. Finally it’s not a bad idea to check your inline filter elements for soiling. Visual gauges should be checked UNDER LOAD to ensure that they are not approaching the red zone.
  2. TIME FOR ANNUAL DRYER SERVICE  – if you have a refrigerated air dryer, your unit is going to start to work harder as the weather warms up. Now is a good time to get your CRU AIR + GAS HVAC/R tech to come in for an annual service. Our tech will check the condenser coil, check refrigerant pressures and ensure proper pressure dewpoint. Carrying out this important service in the spring will avoid a lot of headaches when the hot summer weather arrives.
  3. REVIEW YOUR DAILY CHECKLIST OR CONSIDER CLOUD MONITORING – as always, CRU AIR + GAS is available 24/7/365 for all your compressor service needs. However by the time you’re calling for a service tech, the plant is going to be in distress and so instituting a daily checklist allows you to check on important system parameters and trend them so you can predict and prevent downtime before it happens. Even better that this is to utilize the power of the cloud and consider installing an AIRMATICS cloud compressor monitoring system. This allows you to see then compressor system online and set warning indicators that can notify you if the system moves out of an acceptable range. It can even send you a text message. AIRMATICS has the added benefit of monitoring your compressor efficiency which marries our two most important values – efficiency and reliability.

By following these simple checks this spring you can do your part to ensure your compressor system is ready for the production months ahead. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us via our contact page.

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