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The Heart of the Compressor

December 16, 2019

Give us a chance to explore the possibilities of working with your existing equipment to give you the maximum value for your money. Why purchase new equipment, when what you presently have can do the job economically.

Our engineers can visit your site and within a couple hours come up with an efficient service plan to setup your existing compressed air system.

We are all aware that the heart of a compressor is the airend (commonly referred to as the pump). All new compressors come with a five year warranty on the complete compressor, which includes the airend. What happens when the warranty expires? Service companies like ours, will come in and overhaul the air end giving you another five year warranty. This is why we call the airend the heart of the compressor.

Carrying out regular maintenance according to the manufacturer’s standard, gives us a chance to make sure that the airend is in good working condition. This means no bearing noises, vibration, oil leaks, or high amp draw are existing; leading to premature failure or the airend seizing. If this happens, repair costs are high enough to necessitate the unnecessary purchase of a new compressor.

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