Pure-Aire Z Series Vacuum Purge Regenerative Air Dryer

Heatless regenerative air dryer

pure-aire zero purge heatless regenerative desiccant air dryer

Pure-Aire Z Series Vacuum Purge Regenerative Air Dryer

Pure-Aire’s Vacuum Purge, Heatless Regenerative Air Dryer has revolutionized the compressed air industry. Its patent pending design uses less than 1% purge flow and ZERO heat to regenerate the desiccant bed. A small, self-contained regeneration pump draws moisture from the desiccant with very minimal energy consumption.

Performance and Benefits

Non-Lubricated Valves thru 2”

Time proven to be the most reliable with design life in excess of 5 million cycles. Precision machined valves resist desiccant dust and are serviceable in place.

Butterfly Valves 3” and Above

High performance with a double offset design ensures reliable switching with maximum service life.


Digital Dewpoint display and sensor which significantly reduces energy by matching system demand to dryer purge flow.


  • Vacuum Purge design saves energy and compressed air
  • Reliable regeneration pump
  • Corrosion resistant, galvanized steel and/or extruded aluminium piping
  • Nickel-plated check valves with SS discs for maximum life
  • High efficiency mufflers with integrated safety valve to keep dryer running
  • Nema 4x enclosure
  • eDemand with simplified interface
  • HMI graphical display
  • Robust, full contact steel frame
  • ASME coded pressure vessels (CRN optional)
  • Replaceable stainless steel diffusers
  • Filtered pilot air

Optional features include:

  • Air Flow Meter with Display
  • Fail to Shift Alarm
  • Visual Moisture Indication
  • 3 or 9 Valve By-Pass Piping
  • Pre and After-Filters Mounted and Piped


CRU AIR + GAS is committed to serving clients by stocking replacement parts for everything that we sell. We ensure stock for all major components and wearing parts. CRU AIR + GAS only stocks OEM original parts at competitive pricing.


The first 12 months covers all components. Each additional year (up to 9) is validated by an annual service call from your local Pure-Aire distributor who performs service according to the O&M manual. Warranty includes parts AND labor.